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2 May, 2012

We’re officially in May, my favorite month of all! This means, my birthday is coming up, and most importantly the summer is near. The temperatures have been really high these past days in Greece, and I may be the only one who didn’t go to the sea to swim these days. I’m holding on to my pale white skin for a little longer, I don’t mind at all.

I already have some photos ready for my next posts, but let’s start this month, from my wishlist for May….You know that it’s always the first post of the month. As you know I’m a huge shoe lover, so most of my wishlists are full of shoes. I really can’t help it. And this month couldn’t have been an exception to this little rule. So let’s start.

Shoe Photos’ Source

As you can see I changed the look of my wishlist this month. I wanted something different for a long time. Tell me what you think.

1.      Reed Krakoff Leather and patent-leather wedge sandals, €735.

I just love the pop of bright-yellow on these nude wedge sandals, and I really like the metallic yellow wedge plaque on the back. Really eye-catching shoes! Perfect for this summer. They can make every outfit more special. Find them here.

2.      Versus Decollete patent-leather and mesh pumps, $725.

I found those as I was browsing the US NAP by mistake. I didn’t manage to find them in the EU site yet, but I’m sure they will bring them really soon. I love the combination of so many pastel colors in these. You can find these here, but if you’re not into combining so many colors together, they are also available in mint green (435€ or $695), and pastel yellow (same prices), in a really similar design (in the EU site as well).

3.      Miu Miu Gingham taffeta slingbacks, €395.

I was never into Gingham, but lately I find this style really cute! These are blue, but I saw there are many other colors available, such as pink, and green. You can find the blue version here, but hurry up because there are not many sizes left.

4.      Christian Louboutin Lady Highness 160 Mary Jane leather pumps, €695.

I know these ones are not gonna be of everyone’s liking. They have a huge platform, and heel, and at first I didn’t like them either. They are the peep-toed version of the Lady Dafs, and having watched every celebrity out there wearing the Daffodile or the Lady Daf, made me love them in the end. Find the classic black version here.

5.      Burberry Prorsum Beaded leather sandals, €650.

Last but not least, I chose the beaded leather sandals from Burberry Prorsum’s collection. I had my eyes on them since I saw them on the catwalk. Both in the heeled, and the wedged version. To be honest, I prefer the blue ones but I didn’t find them and decided to show you this color instead. You can find them here. I’m pretty sure that I saw an “inspired by” version of these in a magazine, made by the Greek brand Tsakiris Mallas in blue, but haven’t seen them in stores yet. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

So, what did you think about my wishlist? Did you like any or some of the shoes? I hope I gave you some inspiration for this month. I would really love to hear your opinion.

Stay tuned for my next outfit post in a couple of days! Until then, happy shopping! 😉


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18 comments on “May’s wishlist

  1. 1,2,3,5 – NAI! Lady Highness einai no no gia mena opws kai ta Lady Daf – mou thymizoun pornostar… Elpizw na perases omorfa xtes! Egw emeina mesa dystyxws (prwth mera ksereis ti) … to sk omws lew na kanw thn prwth voutia! Polla filakia xxxxxxxxx recently posted..May 1stMy Profile

    • wx katalavainw!Kai egw ta idia travaw kathe mina! Ta Daffodile nai einai poli psila kai logw platformas kanoune ligo stripper, alla ta sinithisa pleon kai mou aresoun…ta protimw san kleista omws para peep toe…
      Kai egw mesa emeina pantws tin prwtomagia! Ekana edw diafora sto spiti….
      Filakia polla!

  2. I was going to say number 1, please! Then I thought, no, number 4 is my favorite! But then I thought “I also like number 3”! And so what can I say, I loved all of them! I love gingham, I love beads, I like yellow very much, and straps on sandals, and of course, Christian Louboutin! The only thing I have to say is that the Loubis are very high, but anyway, very beautiful too! If I win the lottery (but I have to bet for that, hahaha!) I will buy them all for you and for me! Great choices!
    Filakia pollaaaaaaaaaaa!

    • Thank you so much for considering me too in case you win the lottery! hehe I really wish we could win it so we could buy everything we like, and travel the world. You already have traveled in many countries, but I know that you like it. I really can’t decide. If I had to choose, the first and 2nd pairs are my favorites, and then the Louboutins….But as you said I liked all of them, that’s why I picked them for this month’s wishlist. 🙂
      Filakia polla my sweet Denise!!!!! 🙂

  3. Ax! Papoutsia! Nomizw moirazomaste to idio pa8os! Super epiloges! Ta noumera 3 kai 5 einai stis prwtes 8eseis kai tis dikis mou listas! Makari na mporousame na ta paroume ola alla mallon oi times einai apagoreytikes!
    O kairos einai kai edw yperoxos alla kai egw synexizw na antistekomai se mia voutia sti 8alassa! To mayrisma 8a argisei gia ligo akoma!

    Filakia polla polla
    Elsa recently posted..Anna Dello Russo for H&MMy Profile

    • Hehe nai nai! Eimai sigouri oti to moirazomaste!
      Makari ontws, na eixame unlimited budget, kai na kaname agores kai taxidia! 🙂
      Kai edw mia ap’ta idia! Alla kai to diko mou to mavrisma tha argisei poli! Tha meinw gia poli kairo akoma asproula! 🙂
      Filakia polla Elsa mou!

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