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13 June, 2012

Hello everyone! Today I have one more outfit post for you! I wore this one to go to a friend’s house for coffee. I took these photos in a hurry, just before the sunset, when I got back. They are definitely not perfect but you can get the idea of what I was wearing. Although, I assure you that this outfit was much better in person than it seems in photos.

Neon yellow jacket: Kenzo Jungle (similar style here and here), top: Zara, jeans: Lee, bag: Savil, flats: Minelli, sunglasses: Ray-Ban folding wayfarers (buy here), neon yellow bra: H&M, neon yellow necklace: H&M, rose gold watch: Michael Kors (buy here), really old friendship bracelets.

This is actually almost the same outfit I wore last fall, slightly revised to fit the season and with more neon added to it. I wasn’t going to wear these flats again, but the blisters on my feet prevented me from wearing the other pair I had on my mind… (See here for more details). At least it gave me the chance to “save” them too, as part of my Shoeper Shoe Challenge by So, this counts as Shoe Save #9. 50 more pairs to go!

Sorry for the weird face in the last one.

Can’t wait to show you my latest shoe additions in my closet, on my next post…Stay tuned!


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21 comments on “Neon pop

  1. Really love that yellow jacket!

    You have such a chic sense of style! Love your blog, and you have a new bloglovin follower!

    <3 Jenny

  2. So in love with neon right now and this is the perfect pop. You look fabulous. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I just posted pictures from my wedding ceremony. I’l love if you’d check it out. xo

    • Thank you so much Anna…So glad you liked my outfit.
      I wanna thank you for coming to my blog and commenting, but I want to ask you to please put your blog’s URL on the website box, and not in the comment text. All comments with links in them are marked as spam by my filter, and all links in the comment text get deleted by me, as per my blog’s Terms & Policies. You can also read a short version just above the comment box.
      I already read your post about your wedding ceremony, and I loved both your dress and your ideas…I’m already your follower via Bloglovin’, and I read all your posts.
      You’re welcome to come here anytime! Thank you!

  3. what a fun jacket! the color is great. i only have a couple of yellow items, and they are both HOT sweaters!! i really need some colorful summery pieces!

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