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15 June, 2012

In my previous posts I told you that I had ordered 2 more pairs of shoes, and as I wrote on my Facebook page, they were delivered to me last week and I couldn’t be happier with my order. I wasn’t going to order 2 pairs, but it’s a long story!

I’ll try to make it shorter, by telling you that I was originally going to buy only the 2nd pair, but I already had a few green pairs, so my mom advised me to buy another one,  and that’s when I bought the Buffalo Addison ones. But I couldn’t get them out of my mind, so I wanted to buy them too. But from the moment I put my order for the Addisons, the green Dasia ones sold out in my size. I kept visiting the site every day in case my size was back, but nothing. After 3 weeks I gave up, and decided to buy the black pair instead…I didn’t have a black pair of heeled sandals for the summer, so I thought why not.

A day after I had made my black Buffalo Dasia order, the green pair which was by now sold out in all sizes, reappeared on the site, only in size 38 (my size!). Now that’s a crazy coincidence! I was at my house with a friend, having some drinks, and in a spur of the moment I hit “buy”…. And then they were 2! I guess I shouldn’t drink and shop online! hehe

Both pairs are the Buffalo Dasia model, and they are really similar. Both suede, heeled platform sandals but the green ones have a closed heel and a rope platform instead, which makes them so perfect for summer. And when you add that vibrant green color, you can’t say not to them, can you? The photo really doesn’t make the color of the shoes justice!

And they are even better when worn. Take a look!

Buffalo Dasia green sandals via

  Buffalo Dasia black sandals via

I already wore my black ones but you’ll have to wait for my next posts for the details! 🙂

So what do you think of my new shoe buys? With them added to my collection, I now have a total of 59 pairs who are part of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge I’m doing. I’m gonna share the collection with you really soon, I promise!

Have a nice weekend!!!


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25 comments on “New in: Buffalo Dasia sandals via

  1. Hey M! Hope you’ve had a good week. Love both pairs of shoes but it’s funny because when I first saw them I much preferred the green ones but when I got to the pictures of you wearing them I completely changed my mind, the black ones are just so elegant. Are they comfortable?
    Noticed on FB you watched The best exotic marigold hotel. I took my Grandma to see that a couple of weeks ago and we both loved it. Did it make you want to go off travelling as it did me!?
    Have a fab weekend xx

    • Hey Laura! Nice to see you again! 🙂
      That’s exactly what happened to me! I loved the green pair and wanted it so much, but then I wore the black one and I completely changed my mind. They are both amazing, and almost identical, as it’s the same brand, and model, but they have their differences too. The black ones are reaaaally comfortable in my opinion! I wore them the other day for the first time, to go shopping (yes shopping, never done it in so high heels!) for 7 hours, in 35C degrees and they were really comfortable. More than most of my shoes…Even flats may have given me blisters in a hot day with lots of walking and standing, but not them! I’m so happy with my purchase! 🙂
      And yes, I watched “The best exotic Marigold hotel” with my mom yesterday, and we both loved it as well. It was really funny, and it made me want to go off traveling, you’re right! But I don’t think India would be good for me…Too many people everywhere and spicy food, I couldn’t stand it…hehe
      Have a fab weekend too! 🙂

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