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21 November, 2012

With Thanksgiving around the corner and Christmas only 1 month away, we’re being exposed to hundreds of ads every day, as gift season is approaching with a fast pace. I love Christmas and I love giving gifts to my loved ones, and so I couldn’t help but unintentionally start searching for the perfect gift for my boyfriend. You see December is not only the month of Christmas, but also the month of my boyfriend’s birthday! Last year, I gifted him with 2 pairs of shoes (! – what else did you expect of me?), and during the rest of the year, I bought one more pair for him. I know he doesn’t like shopping (most men don’t), so I try to buy him thoughtful gifts that will also be practical. This year, I have a few things on my mind, and I want your opinion on the first one. I always wanted to buy him a watch, but our tastes in this area, are very different. I like them simple and minimal, and he likes them big with all the “bells and whistles”. So my search for the perfect watch for him started!

All watches’ photos taken from GQ magazine

Shortly after my search had started I came across this article on GQ Magazine: The GQ Guide to Watches, which really helped me. It’s a very well written guide with everything you and your man need to know about watches and how to choose them. It can really help you if you’re in the same position as me, looking for a present. Of course, the watch you’ll choose doesn’t have to be luxury, but as in shoes, I like to dream big! Keep in mind that the watch must be of the taste of the recipient, not yours. He’s going to wear it, so he should like it. I always try to think of the recipient when choosing my gifts.

Here are some models of TAG Heuer watches I found and liked. They have watches for every taste, and they’re indeed luxury, hence the hefty price tags. But really, who could resist one of those? Wish I could afford to buy him one.

Can you help me with my decision? Which style should I choose? The 3 styles in the image above are prevailing so far. Which style do you prefer?

Last year, I did a post about gift ideas for men. Did you find it useful? Had it helped you choose a present for your man? I’ll do my best to make a similar post this year too. Although it would be really hard with the tons of photos (I’m hoping) I’ll share with you, after my trip to London, this Friday!

Have a nice day, and be here on Friday to see a new outfit post, and wave me goodbye just before my trip! 🙂


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12 comments on “Luxury watches for men

  1. i love a more rugged and sportier band on men like the omega and seiko.

    tag watches are really nice…would love to own one myself!

  2. The Omega watch looks really great, but it might be too minimal for him, if you say he’s into more complicated watch styles. In this case, I would go for the Seiko. It’s mainly black which will be ok with your desire for minimal, but it also has orange touches and it’s a bit bigger, so it’s also a bit crazy for your boyfriend.
    My boyfriend was looking for a watch a few months ago when we were in Paris and he found some really great styles at Casio – the same main idea as this Seiko, but with a bit more of a bang stylewise and it also comes with yellow, blue or red details. You should check out their website, I don’t remember the model number exactly but I’m sure you’ll find it because of the similarity with the Seiko 🙂 I hope I was at least a bit helpful!

    • I also think that Seiko’s style is going to be the best one for him.
      Casio watches are also really nice. I’ll check out some styles when I hit the stores. You were really helpful, thank you very much! Sorry for the late reply. We came back from London just yesterday afternoon.

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