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11 January, 2013

When I was younger, I was curious to see how I will look with bright colored eyes, like blue or green. I always admired people with blue or green eyes, because to my eyes, they were more attractive and beautiful. But as I was not a contact lenses wearer, I was afraid to buy a pair and experiment with my look, so I never did. Many years later, I may not have the same excitement, but I do have the same curiosity to see how I’ll look. One of these days, I came across a site which has a vast quantity of colored contact lenses, which reminded me of how much I wanted to try a pair, when I was a teenager.

Photos courtesy of Eyesbright.com. Collage made by me.

Seeing so many variations of colored contact lenses got me thinking… Why only try natural looking colors, when I can try more extreme ones, like red, violet, or even white and black? I may not be a big fan of wearing costumes for the Carnival/Mardi Gras, but if I had some of these contact lenses, I could dress up as a vampire, or a zombie, or something equally scary this year. And there are so many great tutorials online these days, especially from the last Halloween, that I could make an amazing costume. I’m sure T. would be really excited to dress as a zombie, being a huge fan of “The Walking Dead”. But Carnival season, starts on late February this year, so I have enough time ahead of me to think about it…

What do you think? Should I go for a pair of colored contact lenses? Are you a contact lenses wearer yourself? And are you going to wear a costume for this Carnival season?  I’d love to hear your thoughts….

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12 comments on “Eyesbright – colored contact lenses

  1. I don’t wear contact lenses, but my boyfriend does. He gave up wearing glasses about 4 years ago and he says that contact lenses are the best, he doesn’t even feel them anymore! The only bad part is that you have to take them off at night when you go to sleep otherwise your eyes feel dry in the morning.
    Based on that, I would say definitely go for a pair of colorful contact lenses if you want to have fun from time to time!
    When I was younger I also wanted to have blue eyes, I even wanted some contact lenses shaped like a football hahaha! I would go for the blue or purple ones or the red ones for carnival!
    Fashionthroughtravel recently posted..Angelina Jolie by Alexei HayMy Profile

    • hahaha I just wanted to try natural looking ones in green or blue to see how I look. But if I buy a few pairs, I’ll also get a few extreme ones just for fun.
      I know you have to take them off at night. It’s not good to sleep with the contact lenses on. And the whole process of cleaning them, and taking care of them, is one of the reasons why I didn’t actually bought a pair in the past. I’m too lazy. hehe
      I hope you have a great weekend.

  2. i don’t need or wear contacts, but always wanted to try light colored ones. i did finally try some years ago…i liked it. i just got light brown/hazel. now they have all kinds! what color are your eyes? i think a blue or green would be nice.

  3. I love coloured contacts. I actually wear clear ones, but I have two pairs that I wear occasionally, light brown and grey but I find them a bit annoying as they seem to be a bigger size than my prescription ones. Would love to see you in them though, and I voted for you – all the best!!
    Steph recently posted..Urban camoMy Profile

    • I saw a video from a girl who likes cosplay, and she said that these are really comfortable, and she doesn’t even feel them, even though she has sensitive eyes. And I actually loved her vampire costume! I’m thinking about wearing something similar, if I actually dress up for the carnival this year. But I haven’t wear a costume in soooo many years.
      Thank you so much for voting for me! 🙂 I really appreciate it!

  4. I think you should go with the violet lenses. They are very unique and would look great on you. I don’t wear them, because my eyes are more dry than not.

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