How to make a delicious Latte Macchiato at home

13 January, 2013

First of all, I want to say that I’m not an expert, and everything I describe here is things I learned from videos or read online. A while ago, as most of you know, I bought my first espresso maker by Nespresso, called Pixie. After experimenting with different coffee blends, I decided I wanted to try and make a Latte Macchiato. So I searched  and learned how to do it, and after being not only satisfied but actually addicted on it, I thought it would be nice to share with you the process, in case some of you want to drink a nice Latte Macchiato at home this Sunday morning, or any other day  for that matter. So let’s start!

Latte Macchiato’s characteristic is the 3-layerd look, consisted of warm milk, espresso shot, and milk froth and it’s usually seen with cinnamon on top.

Take your milk frother and put 1 shot of milk in it.

As you can see on my Aeroccino, there are 2 indications that let you know of the maximum amount of milk you can put in it, depending, on what you want to make: warm milk or milk froth.

In the Latte Macchiato case, I want to use this thingy, to make more warm milk and less froth.

 I fill my pot to maximum level one, to make only 1 portion of warm milk.

Press the button on your Aeroccino/milk frother once, to make warm milk.

The light turns red, indicating that your warm milk is getting ready. It’s super quick to make.

When the warm milk is ready it should look something like this.

Pour the milk into a tall glass, keeping a little bit of froth for the top of your coffee. You can make more froth if you like using the other “whisk thingy” while you make your coffee.

If you have a Nespresso machine like me, the process you should follow to make your coffee is this one, shown on the GIF above. Just put your capsule with the blend you prefer into the machine, and lock it.

Put your glass under your espresso maker, and press the espresso shot button. I like to do it with a cappuccino shot instead, so I press the right button on my machine.

Your coffee is being poured on top of the warm milk, creating the first 2 layers of the Latte Macchiato. If it doesn’t create layers, you can use the back of a spoon, and let the coffee pour onto the spoon before going on top of the milk. The layers are more distinct when the coffee is being poured slowly on top of the milk.

When the coffee has been poured put the milk froth you had saved on top of it, creating the 3rd layer for your Latte Macchiato.

If you prefer, add some cinnamon and enjoy while it’s hot!

In the last picture, I had already stirred my coffee because I added stevia (sugar substitute) before I put the milk froth on top. That’s why the layers aren’t so clear. But you can see the result on the first photo.

Something extra

 With my 50euros coupon, which was given to me when I purchased my Nespresso machine, I bought 12 packs of Nespresso capsules in different blends and variations. Including, 2 of the 3 2012 variations: Noisette and Macadamia nuts. The first one is the best I tasted so far in a Latte macchiato. Wish I had bought more packs of these.

Top to bottom: Forstissio Lungo, Roma, Rosabaya de Colombia, Capriccio, Variations (Noix de Macadamia), Ristretto, Decaffeinato Intenso, Arpeggio, Volluto, Dulsão do Brasil, Livanto and Variations (Noisette).

I think I’m covered for the year! 😉

 Espresso or Cappuccino, anyone?

I hope that this little tutorial helped some of you make their first Latte Macchiato.

Now, I usually post something new on Mondays, but this time I won’t, since it’s my blog’s 2nd anniversary on Tuesday, and I’m preparing something special for you and something more for my Greek readers. So I hope you stay tuned until then. Happy Sunday!

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10 comments on “How to make a delicious Latte Macchiato at home

    • hahaha Fisika kai den prokeitai na piw toso megali posotita kafe…ektos an ertheis meta apo kanena xrono gia na dokimaseis! Ama thes, tin epomeni evdomada mporoume na sinantithoume se mena, kai na sou kanw opoio blend thes na dokimaseis! 🙂

    • It is really easy! You don’t need more than 1′ to make the coffee. I bought macadamia nuts and noisette flavors only. I didn’t get the coconut one, because I don’t really like it. But if there was a combination of the two I probably would have bought it too.

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