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7 January, 2013

Those of you, who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, know that about a month ago, I made a purchase I was thinking about for a long time. I wanted a cappuccino machine, and I was contemplating on whether I should buy one that specializes on coffee, or one of those which also make chocolate, teas and other beverages, which are really popular lately. After much thinking I decided that I wanted one that makes the finest coffee out there, and that I was not interested in making chocolate or tea with my machine, since I can easily make these without one. From then, the choice was obvious! Nespresso is the best one out there, and when I came across a very good and tempting deal, I couldn’t say no!

The offer included a Nespresso Pixie and an Aeroccino (frothing machine), along with one of each of the 16 Nespresso coffee blends to try and a 50euros coupon for capsules or anything else I wanted to buy from their boutique! Amazing deal and I’m really excited and satisfied with my choice!

Photos by me and my friend Reine Nucléaire

First coffee: Rosabaya de Colombia Espresso for my friend

And Capriccio Double Cappuccino for me

Not complete without some cinnamon on top

Another day, another blend

I picked Roma blend for that delicious cappuccino

Love that photo with the last drop of Cappuccino falling into the cup

Of course I’ve already made good use of my Nespresso Pixie, and my 50euros coupon which I used to buy more capsules, including 2 of the 3 2012 variations (Noisette, and Macadamia nuts). But I’ll show you those on another post. My Facebook Fans may have already seen some of these photos. But you can see them too on my page. Don’t forget to follow!

A new giveaway (unfortunately only open to my Greek readers again, sorry!), will be hosted on my blog, really soon. You don’t want to miss it. There’s also my blog’s anniversary coming next week *hint hint* So follow me using the links below!

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20 comments on “New in | Nespresso Pixie and Aeroccino

    • It was indeed an awesome deal, if you think that Pixie goes for 149euros here, and the Aeroccino for 70euros, and I got mine for 119euros total, with all the capsules, and the coupon, which got me 120 more capsules! And I agree that the quality of Nespresso is amazing. The best coffee I’ve ever tasted, when it comes to non-professional ones.

  1. Δεν ήξερα ότι η Nespresso κάνει τόσο καλό καφέ! Πολύ χαίρομαι που το ακούω μιας και αναζητούσα μία καλή καφετιέρα για να κανω δώρο σε ένα φιλικό μου ζευγάρι! Με βοήθησες πολύ!

    Πολλά φιλάκια Μ μου
    Elsa recently posted..The "Coming Soon.." Short movieMy Profile

    • Kata ti gnwmi mou, i Nespresso kanei ton kalitero kafe, alla einai kai i akrivoteri…kai parallila kanei mono kafedes, den kanei oute tsai, oute sokolates klp…einai kathara mixani espresso/cappucchino…Exw akousei poli kala logia kai ti mixani Tassimo an tin theleis gia dwro…kai kanei ap’ola! kai nomizw vgainei kai pio oikonomiki ap’ti Nespresso!
      Xairomai pou se voithisa!
      Filakia polla!

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