Let me re-introduce myself

27 November, 2013

A few months ago, I made the decision to reveal my name to you. I waited for the perfect chance to do it, and had already decided how to: by playing a little game with you and letting you guess what my real name is. Your participation was overwhelming! At first, I thought that not many will be interested in playing this game, and then I thought that the number will stay somewhere under 20 people. But as the days passed, I realized that the number had gone to 3 digits. Wow! Thank you all so much for participating! It was so much fun reading your guesses and your occasional comments (even though I’d have loved to know what everyone voted, but most of the people didn’t leave any comments, and some didn’t event read the hints I gave). I counted 14 possible names (and 2 “invalid” ones – Emma, and Mat? What???). Below, you’ll find the final results, but I noticed that Maria, Margarita and Magdalini where fighting for the 1st spot till the end.

Πριν από μερικούς μήνες, πήρα την απόφαση να σας αποκαλύψω το όνομά μου. Περίμενα την κατάλληλη ευκαιρία για να το κάνω, και είχα ήδη αποφασίσει πώς θέλω να γίνει: παίζοντας μαζί σας ένα παιχνίδι, και αφήνοντας σας να μαντέψετε ποιο νομίζετε εσείς ότι είναι το όνομα μου. Το βρήκα σαν έναν πολύ ωραίο τρόπο να συμμετάσχετε και εσείς στην αποκάλυψη αυτή, και να δώσω την ευκαιρία, ακόμα και στους ντροπαλούς της παρέας μας, που δεν μας αφήνουν ποτέ σχόλια, να συμμετάσχουν κι αυτοί. Η συμμετοχή σας ήταν εντυπωσιακή! Στην αρχή νόμιζα ότι δεν θα ενδιαφερθούν πολλοί να συμμετάσχουν σ’αυτό το παιχνίδι, και μετά σκέφτηκα ότι τα νούμερα θα μείνουν κάπου κάτω απ’το 20. Αλλά όσο περνούσαν οι μέρες, συνειδητοποίησα, ότι ο αριθμός των συμμετοχών είχε γίνει πλέον τριψήφιος. Ουάου! Σας ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ για τη συμμετοχή σας αυτή! Είχε πάρα πολλή πλάκα να διαβάζω τις επιλογές σας, και τα εκάστοτε σχόλια σας (αν και θα μου άρεζε περισσότερο να ήξερα τι ψήφιζε ο καθένας από εσάς, αλλά οι περισσότεροι δεν άφησαν κάποιο σχόλιο, και κάποιοι δεν διάβασαν καν το κείμενο με τα στοιχεία που σας έδωσα). Μέτρησα 14 πιθανά ονόματα (και δύο εντελώς άκυρα – Έμμα και Ματ; ΤΙ???). Παρακάτω θα βρείτε τα τελικά αποτελέσματα, αλλά παρατήρησα ότι τα Μαρία, Μαργαρίτα και Μαγδαληνή πάλευαν στήθος με στήθος για την 1η θέση, καθ’όλη τη διάρκεια.

So, were you one of the few that guessed my name right? Oh wait!

Λοιπόν, ήσασταν ένας/μια απ’αυτούς που μάντεψαν σωστά το όνομα μου; Α, μια στιγμή!


You didn’t thought I was gonna leave you hanging, did you? 😉 I’ll be waiting for your comments.

Δεν πιστέψατε ότι θα σας αφήσω στην «αγωνία» ε; 😉 Περιμένω τα σχόλιά σας!



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40 comments on “Let me re-introduce myself

    • Nai! Markella einai! To lew stin teleytaia fwto!
      Fisika kai gnwrizw oti einai Xiwtiko! O mpampas mou itan xiwtis, an kai i epilogi onomatos egine apo ti mama! Megali istoria ! 😛
      Filia polla Vanda mou! S’euxaristw poli gia to sxolio sou!

    • Mmm thanks but the game is now over, and I just revealed my name at the end of this post.
      That’s the whole reason for this post actually. I announced my decision 2 weeks ago, my readers played this game and guessed my name by entering their guesses on a poll, and now I’m showing the final results, and at the same time revealing my real name.

    • Thank you very much Cee. To be honest I thought that you already knew my name, since I had won a giveaway at your old blog, and sent you my full name and address back then. But I understand it’s been a while, so it’s not that easy to remember it.
      What a coincidence that your best friend has the same name! 🙂 That’s nice!

      • Big boo to me! You are so right, I totally forgot that! I mean I remember I sent you the friendship bracelet but I didn’t pay much attention to the name to be honest, lol now you are aware of how easily distracted I am!
        Code Overdressed recently posted..Knit + MaxiMy Profile

        • It’s ok! We all get distracted, and as I said it’s been a long time since then. It’s totally normal not to remember it. And it came as a surprise now! So that’s nice! hehe

    • xixi Akrivws epeidi einai spanio onoma, apofasisa apo tin arxi na to kratisw krifo…An kai oi perissoteroi nomizan oti me lene Maria.
      Kai egw xarika Anna mou! 🙂

    • Thank you very much! 🙂
      Yes, friends and family call me Markella. I don’t have a nickname or a shorter one. I like it as it is, and I don’t think it’s too big that it requires something shorter.

  1. That was a fun game! You have a cool name! I really like your blog! I’m glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I’m from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more 🙂 🙂

  2. aaaa oraio onoma!!To latreuw auto to onoma kai ontws to prwto pou skeftika einai i Chios!Kai emena o pateras mou apo tin Chio einai!Xarika kai gia tin “episimi” gnwrimia 😛
    Alexandra recently posted..New in….My Profile

    • S’euxaristw poli gia ta kala sou logia Alexandra! Nai e? Megali simptwsi! Einai ena onoma pou oi Xiwtes to gnwrizoun kala, alla stin ipoloipi Ellada akoma kai twra einai ligotero gnwsto…
      Mporei na einai Xiwtiko vevaia alla i epilogi onomatos egine apo ti mama, apla kai mono epeidi tis arese, prin kan gnwrisei to mpampa! xixi 🙂
      Kai egw xarika! Elpizw na se “ksanadw” sintoma! 🙂

  3. Hey Markella! Such a pretty name! I haven’t come across it before, is it quite common in your part of the world? I think though to be honest, you will forever be M to me!
    As always, I’ve enjoyed catching up with your blog. I absolutely adored the cherry skirt outfit, you looked truly stunning and so elegant. I was finishing off my Christmas shopping yesterday (super proud of myself as its not even December yet!) and treated myself to a similar shaped dark red skirt so I may try to recreate your outfit! I also loved your furry jumper and bad-ass boots combo! So simple and classic, you looked great, those boots are right up my street! Also well done on the title, made me lol!
    Hope you have a fab weekend xx

    • Hey Laura! Thank you! It’s not really common where I live (and I like it this way), but it’s really common on the island where my dad was born. However, my mom was the one that picked the name, and it has nothing to do with my dad’s origin. The fact that it’s not really common, made me keep it private until now, even though most of the people voted Maria, which is the most common woman’s name I know. hehe
      So nice that you finished with your Christmas shopping already. It’s good if you want to avoid crowded places and huge queues. I’m glad that my look inspired you to try something similar. Your dark red skirt, sounds lovely. hehe I’m so bad at giving titles to my posts that this was the first thing that came to my mind, because of my “furry” jumper. Glad to hear you liked it! 🙂
      Have a fantastic weekend as well!

    • xixi akrivws kai egw to idio niwthw! Mou fige to agxos oti tha ksefigei pali se kamia kai tha me “expose” prin apofasisw na to kanw egw…idi 3 fores to glitwsa….

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  5. I am feeling tired – so much has gone on last week! You know – but I was so curious to see the way you posted it, and it was so sweet an amazing! The picture is sooooo sweet and the collage too, and also the way you said, xo xo Markella! And the name is one of the coolest I have every heard! Very sweet and beautiful! Well, Emma in the week has the nickname as Ems, so… Ms… I guess that’s why someone wrote that – not me 🙂 And Mat maybe for Matilda, but why not writing Matilda then? Anyway, so cool as usual, you are brilliant! I saw your pics for the month, I love the D & G skirt! And the wish list is great – those shoes? Gorgeous! Believe it or not, I posted makeup, but I am not sure it was OK… anyway, I did! It’s a start! Makia!!!!!
    Bee-zee recently posted..Bits and pieces wisdomMy Profile

    • Thank you so much for your comment, despite the fact that you’re really tired these days. I read your emails last night but I was reading from my mobile, and you know that I can’t reply the way I want from there. I’ll do my best to answer today..if not, then tomorrow.
      Nah, I think that the name Emma was submitted from someone who has me as a “friend” on Facebook, cause Facebook doesn’t allow me to have the name Call me M. so I used the acoustical version of the letter there, so it’s Call-me Em. But I’ve written a thousand times, (and I even have Call me M. in parenthesis,) that my name starts with an M, and not with Em. Plus, in the hints I gave on that I said it clearly that it starts with M, and it’s obviously Greek. So 0/3 for them. They didn’t read the post I guess. And Mat is a guy’s name. haha and also NOT Greek. But it was fun reading those too.
      Thank you so much! That D&G skirt is one of my favorites. I’m so glad to have it in my closet. I didn’t have time to read your latest post, but I’ll do it as soon as possible. Today or tomorrow. And of course I’ll leave you a comment as well! 🙂 Of course it’s a great start! Keep going!

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