My month in pics | August 2014

31 August, 2014

instamonth 5 August 2014It’s the last day of August, but that doesn’t mean that summer is over. Sure, I don’t like the extreme temperatures of the Greek summer, but I don’t like fall and especially winter better, so I definitely CAN wait for the summer to end. August was an amazing month, and even though I didn’t have many outfits to show you, or I didn’t have enough time to share what I have with you, it’s ok because I finally took some time off from the blog, to enjoy my vacation and just relax. And I’m sure no one really cared that I didn’t have new posts 3 times a week, as I usually do for the past 3,5 years now, and no one “died” because of my absence. So I got back from my vacation and I more than made up for it, by posting new articles, since I missed you A LOT. Lately, I’ve been posting more and more on Instagram (you can follow me @DoYouSpeakGossip), and after the eating marathon that my vacation was, I was more than happy to be back to eating healthy and cleaner food, which I’ve been also sharing with you on Instagram. If you don’t follow me already make sure to do it now.

Είναι η τελευταία μέρα του Αυγούστου, αλλά αυτό δεν σημαίνει ότι το καλοκαίρι έφτασε στο τέλος του. Σίγουρα, δεν τρελαίνομαι για τις ακραίες θερμοκρασίες του καλοκαιριού (είμαι κορίτσι της Άνοιξης όπως σας έχω πει), αλλά σίγουρα δεν μου αρέσει το φθινόπωρο και ο χειμώνας (καθώς το 1ο με καταθλίβει και είμαι υπερβολικά κρυουλιάρα για τον 2ο). Οπότε, μπορώ να κάνω υπομονή για μερικές ακόμη εβδομάδες καλοκαιριού, ειδικά αν είναι σε πιο νορμάλ θερμοκρασίες. Ο Αύγουστος ήταν ένα υπέροχος μήνας, και παρόλο που δεν σας έδειξα αρκετά outfits, δεν πειράζει καθώς επιτέλους πήρα λίγο χρόνο για τον εαυτό μου, να χαλαρώσω και να ξεκουραστώ. Και σίγουρα κανείς δεν «πέθανε» λόγω της απουσίας μου, ούτε στεναχωρήθηκε που δεν ανέβασα 3 ποστ την εβδομάδα όπως κάνω συνήθως τα τελευταία 3.5 χρόνια. Έτσι απόλαυσα τις διακοπές μου και γύρισα δρυμύτερη, αναπληρώνοντας και με το παραπάνω το χρόνο που έλειψα, καθώς μου λείψατε κι εσείς. Τώρα τελευταία, ανεβάζω πολύ συχνά φωτογραφίες στο αγαπημένο μου Instagram (μπορείτε να με ακολουθήσετε στο @DoYouSpeakGossip), και ύστερα από τις κραιπάλες των διακοπών, επέστρεψα επιτέλους σε έναν πιο υγιεινό τρόπο ζωής, με πολλά φρούτα και λαχανικά στην διατροφή μου, αποφεύγοντας υπερβολικά λιπαρά και θερμίδες. Μπορείτε να δείτε και σχετικές φωτογραφίες μου στο Instagram. Αν δεν με ακολουθείτε ήδη, κάντε το τώρα!

August 2014 - outfits -

 Outfits of the month (click the titles to go to the full posts): 1. Dressed down full skirt, 2. My piece of Chic, 3. Green dress, 4. Ripped jeans & polka dots, 5. Heading to the beach, 6. Sunset at the beach.


Insta-month diary:

instamonth August 2014

instamonth 2 August 2014

instamonth 3 August 2014

instamonth 4 August 2014

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2 comments on “My month in pics | August 2014

  1. Ok, no one died, but of course I am sure people do care about your outfits of lack of – I do! I missed your posts, but at the same time I knew you were relaxing and I wanted your vacations to be brilliant, and they were! The food pics are amazing – miam miam, I loved them! And your outfits so beautiful, as usual! My favorite, this time, was the first one – I love that skirt! Since you told you were posting today, exceptionally, I came to check your post out – you know I seldom use computers on Sundays! I loved the selfies, you look gorgeous! I have my recap tomorrow, cause you know for me Monday is a must 🙂 I prepared it last week 🙂 But it’s very very far from the beauty and excitement of this post, honestly speaking! Missing you a lot! Makia and enjoy glorious Sunday!
    Denise recently posted..July good-bye, welcome August!My Profile

    • Thank you so much for being so sweet. I really wanted to be able to write more articles for the days I wasn’t here, but I figured that most people will be on vacation and they won’t read them so I think I did good not to write any more. And I didn’t really leave the blog empty. Sometime I’m too tough on myself, about my schedule, and my deadlines around it. I want to be punctual so my readers will know they’ll find a new article here 3 times a week. I love doing it, and I love having a program in my life.
      Thank you for checking out my new post on a Sunday. I did that because I didn’t want to post it on a Friday, so I could post another outfit. So I posted 4 times this week. And I love that skirt too. You were here when I bought it. 😀 I remember that day. I’ll read your recap soon I hope. Sorry I haven’t already come.
      Filakia polla!

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