Last days of summer vacation | Outfits

Last days of summer vacation - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThese are the last photos from my vacation in Chalkidiki (can you see that I got some tan, compared to the previous post?). It had already started being chillier those days but I didn’t bring anything warmer with me. This was actually the day we decided to stay for 2 more days, but was also the last day we went out in N. Marmaras. We kept it low for the next two, and let me tell you they were the more relaxing ones. Looking at these photos I already miss Chalkidiki and my time there, but I had a great time and memories that hopefully will last till my next vacation! 🙂 I hope you’re having a nice Friday! Cheers to the weekend!!!

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“Check” me out | Outfits

Check me out 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI wasn’t sure which one of the 2 posts that were left from my vacation I should post today, but given the autumn-like weather outside, this was the most suitable one. We actually took these photos before all the other photos I showed you so far (can you tell by the still pale white skin-color? Not that I complain, and not that I got super tanned after these, because I didn’t, but I did pass the off-white color of the previous summer! hehe You’ll see on my next posts). So we took these photos on a totally hot summer day, but since I found some leaves on the ground I played around with them (like I knew I was going to be posting this on such a grey day!). I actually wore this outfit the night before, but I photographed it the next evening to have decent lighting, hence the absence of make-up and the messy top bun ( I used to do this a lot to avoid getting my hair in the water some of the days). The absence of any other accessory apart from my gorgeous bag and shoes, was intentional. What do you think?

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My month in pics | August 2014

instamonth 5 August 2014It’s the last day of August, but that doesn’t mean that summer is over. Sure, I don’t like the extreme temperatures of the Greek summer, but I don’t like fall and especially winter better, so I definitely CAN wait for the summer to end. August was an amazing month, and even though I didn’t have many outfits to show you, or I didn’t have enough time to share what I have with you, it’s ok because I finally took some time off from the blog, to enjoy my vacation and just relax. And I’m sure no one really cared that I didn’t have new posts 3 times a week, as I usually do for the past 3,5 years now, and no one “died” because of my absence. So I got back from my vacation and I more than made up for it, by posting new articles, since I missed you A LOT. Lately, I’ve been posting more and more on Instagram (you can follow me @DoYouSpeakGossip), and after the eating marathon that my vacation was, I was more than happy to be back to eating healthy and cleaner food, which I’ve been also sharing with you on Instagram. If you don’t follow me already make sure to do it now.

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Vacation diary | Chalkidiki 2014

Vacation Diary 2- Chalkidiki 2014 - DoYouSpeakGossip.comAs most Thessalonians, I’ve been spending most summers of my life in beautiful Chalkidiki. I have to thank my uncle for this, who decided to build a house in the most beautiful place in Neos Marmaras, and my cousins who keep inviting me every summer for some days of relaxation away from the city. I was originally planning to stay for a week (which is a lot for me) but I prolonged my vacation for 2 more days. That was the most relaxation I had in a long time, and I really enjoyed my time there. I’ve already showed you some of the photos we took (check: What’s in my beach bag, Heading to the beach, and sunset at the beach posts, if you haven’t already), but before August comes to an end, I wanted to share some general photos from my vacation. I have a couple of posts left from my time there, but they’ll have to wait till September. But don’t worry, you’ll see them next week! 😉

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Preveza vacation Day 2 | Travel

Day 2 of our vacation to Preveza was quite full, and filled with lots of back and forths between towns. We did many things that day and we also managed to be back at the hotel for every meal and relax by (and in) the pool. Started the day with a good breakfast (I missed those!), before visiting the famous city of Parga which seems to be very popular among tourists. We walked through the busy roads and alleys there, took lots of photos and headed to Lichnos beach which was very close to Parga (note that the fish there bite! And I’m being totally serious! They bit my leg and made it bleed. Ok it was tiny, but it hurt. Vicious fish! Never been bullied out of water by fish; that was a first!). So after we left that beach, we returned to our hotel for lunch, and then sat by the pool and relaxed under the sun while reading magazines. Of course at some point we swam too, and it was sooo good. The hotel pool was amazing. After dinner we headed to Parga again to see how it looks at night, since it was the only city we encountered that was still so lively, and full of tourists. Please read the labels under each photo and excuse me for putting so many photos in one post. It was impossible to choose among them, and since this is a diary post, I decided to put them anyway. Enjoy!

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