Amway Body Series G&H Body Shampoo & Lotion | review

28 October, 2015
Language: Greek

Amway Body Series G&H Body Shampoo & Lotion

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Since today it is a Greek national holiday, and if everything has gone as planned, I’m already in Athens for my few days of vacation, I decided, instead of an outfit post, to write a short review. Hope you like it!

As you know I’ve been using Amway products for years, and these 2 are definitely keepers. It was not the first time I tried them when they were sent to me, but I was still excited.

Let me start with the G&H Body Shampoo, which is not only hydrating, but it also smells amazing. You only need a small quantity of product to make foam and you come out of the bathroom smelling like honey. Its G&H name comes from its main ingredients which are glycerin and honey, and it also contains protein which is known for its hydrating abilities.

If used in combination with the body lotion, you have a perfect match. The lotion has the same amazing scent and same basic ingredients, and it’s deeply hydrating to the skin. It also contains “allantoin, which is known for its ioning properties, has a light and gentle formula to moisturize and protect the skin”.

All in all, I’m more than satisfied with these 2 products, and I’ll definitely keep using them, as I’ve been doing for the past few years.


You can find them here:

Amway G&H Body Shampoo
Amway G&H Body Lotion


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Language: Greek

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