Jungle me clothes

3 October, 2016

Jungle me clothes

I was recently searching through my newest favorite online shop, StyleWe, which is an endless source of beautiful bags, clothes and inspiration, and I discovered some brands which I hadn’t the pleasure of being introduced to yet. Lots of brands caught my eye, because they all had one-of-a-kind clothes, which I haven’t seen anywhere else online, unlike most sites. The reason for that is that StyleWe hosts the designs of many brands that aren’t so well known to our side of the world, but do an exceptional job and they must be featured in more sites.

One of those brands, which I’d like to feature here on my blog today, is Jungle Me, which is a women’s clothing brand founded by a girl named Mimi. Jungle Me’s designs are very original. They’re a mix of childhood memories, and vintage aesthetics, which make their clothes stylish but also playful. You’re going to find floral patterns, vintage dot prints, but also monochrome dresses and skirts, and interesting & unique prints in all the clothes of their collection. It’s a fantastic mix between, the old & new, the vintage & modern, the playful & chic, the monochrome & full patterned.

Jungle me clothes

A look at the photos that I chose to feature here today is going to show you the style of the whole collection. I’m personally and usually not a big fan of full prints, but this brand won me over. The items I chose to show you here are my personal favorites, and the ones I’d be happy to have in my wardrobe. But if this brand isn’t for you, you’re going to find many more options on StyleWe’s website. And you can also follow their Pinterest account, for endless inspirational pins, or you can find them in all their other social media accounts, and check them out!


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