Fashion ponchos and capes

3 December, 2016

Fashion ponchos and capes

It’s no secret that I love a good investment piece when it comes to fashion, and that usually it’s either an expensive bag, or quality outerwear. And you already know that from the moment I discovered StyleWe, I can’t stay away from it for too long, and I always find myself browsing through its pages, and creating an imaginary wishlist on my head. I’ve already written quite a few pieces about this website, here on Do You Speak Gossip?, and we’ve admired together its bags, and variety of designers many times. But this time, as you can imagine, I want to talk to you about its fashion ponchos and capes.

I’ve gathered here today some of my favorite pieces so far, and I’m already in love with all of them. I absolutely adore that navy and hot pink number in the above photo; it looks so stylish combined with over-the-knee boots, and I’ve been trying to find more stylish ways to wear my new boots lately. I’m also in love with the peach colored cape on the exact left of that cape. And can we talk a bit more about that blazer-style on the far right of the photo below? Wish I could have every single piece from these photos on my wardrobe. A good outerwear piece can revive any wardrobe, and make every look even more stylish. If you like these ponchos and capes as much as I do, you can click the link here to Shop at StyleWe.

Fashion ponchos and capes

And now that we’ve talked about capes and ponchos, I’m in a mood for something retro, or vintage if you’d prefer. And what better way to wear your vintage-inspired looks combined with a cape? And while you’re at it, why don’t you also check out these Pin Up Hairstyles For Vintage Looks? They will totally make your look! I’m rushing to check them out and experiment on my hair as we speak. Talk to you later, ladies!


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