Baby Shower gift ideas

17 July, 2017

Baby Shower gift ideas

A lot of  you might wonder, “what does a post about baby showers has to do with a fashion blog”? The answer is simple though; It’s not just a fashion blog, it’s a lifestyle blog, which revolves around my personal life. And as you might already know, last month, I became an aunt for a second time, this time of a baby girl. We actually don’t have baby showers  in my country, at least not in the same concept, but we do get gifts for the newborn babies and their mothers/families. So I wanted to talk about were you can buy such gifts online, and what kind of gift you should get.

I recently came across a site called Gifts Less Ordinary which has a list of occasions, and various suggestions for  you to choose from. I found it very helpful, so I thought I should share it with you. My first choices would be a set with a hooded towel and matching rob (available for girls or boys), a personalized blanket with the baby name written on it (I find these gifts so cute!), or the usual jewelry that the baby can keep wearing for much longer. I fell in love with a personalized christening bangle, that I wouldn’t mind wearing as an adult too, and a very cute heart bracelet, for the little niece of mine. The options there are so many that I’m having difficulty choosing the best one. What would you choose for your niece? Would you go for something practical and snuggly or something shiny and girly, that she may keep for the rest of  her life? Help me choose! 🙂

Baby Shower gift ideas 2

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