Get The Most From Your Wavy Human Hair Weave

30 September, 2017

Whether your mane is curly, straight, wavy, or kinky, there’s some extensions, wigs, or perhaps a wig available for you personally. What if you wish to switch some misconception a little and then add drama for your normal hair routine? What if you would like bouncy, riotous curls one day and sleeker, straighter locks the following – must you buy two various kinds of weaves?

By no means! For a hair weave that transforms as naturally from straight to curly and back again, you just need Wet and Wavy extensions or wigs (as always, virgin Indian real hair is better), a couple of common tools, and simple instructions.

The good thing about virgin Indian Wet and Wavy hair is that it naturally curls and relaxes, without resorting to chemical treatments or much work. As it would seem, having your Wet and Wavy hair weave to twist up is simple; Simply wash or dampen your hair pieces, and they’ll form their very own waves or curls.

But if you wish to straighten individuals curls to rock a sleeker style, you can just use a round brush to gradually and lightly lessen the waves. Operate in small sections (about 1 ” thick for the most part) and begin in the tips of the totally dry extensions, brushing your hair downward and under. The process is much like that employed for detangling natural hair, although you’ll need to use a round brush rather than a paddle brush or wide-toothed comb. For the best results, make certain your hair is safely locked in place, either on the wig base, on your head, or bundled together within the situation of wefted hair.

For Wet and Wavy extensions with tighter curl patterns, you may want to make use of a hair straightener to straighten hair pieces out. Again, make certain your hair is safely installed, locked in your hands, or on the wig base so you don’t waste any motion or heat doing double passes. Set your iron at the lowest possible setting to obtain results – you don’t want to burn the hair extensions – and try brushing out a few of the curls as described above, before flat ironing. This helps safeguard and save your valuable Indian hair.

You may also use a comb or brush attachment plus a hair dryer focused on the nice and cozy setting to attain your straight dry locks. However, don’t attempt to clean, blow-dry, or flat-iron hair all at one time. Wet and Wavy hair weaves should relax when moistened, and also the more you wash your hair, the curlier it will likely be. So cleansing the extensions when you wish to straighten them out is only going to help make your job harder over time. Rather, make use of a waterless shampoo to cleanse the locks before straightening, or just wait a couple of days after washing.

Also take into account that repeated straightening of Wet and Wavy hair, helps pull increasingly more from the curl out, and that you’ll want to make use of a great deal of heat or time for you to get these locks smooth straight. If you truly strive for each day-versus-night transition or intend to switch up frequently, you might like to go on and purchase two different textures of weave hair.

But, for many ladies who crave somewhat variety, a Wet and Wavy weave can meet all your requirements and then some, with just a little bit of work. Would you like to try some now?

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