Athens part 4 | Travel | Outfits & video

Athens - Mama Roux brunch - omelette & potatoes -

On our last day in Athens, we started with brunch at Mama Roux, after Anna’s recommendation. We were lucky to have found a table because almost everything was reserved. But after trying their brunch, I say it was worth it. I’m keeping the details for a later post, the one I promised you, with all the food/coffee places we visited. We walked to the Greek Parliament, stopped to take some photos and then went to visit the National Garden. It wasn’t our first time there, since last time we visited Athens we were staying just across the street, but we really wanted to go there again. During our walk through the garden, I had the idea of filming a few things to make a video, but due to the lack of (more) camera space, and the lack of time (because we were leaving for Thessaloniki soon), we only filmed a few short clips. Nevertheless, I made the video, and with the permission of T. I filmed his look of the day as well, and I uploaded it on my channel for you to see. I hope you like it! Let me know if you’d like to see more videos from me in the future!

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Athens Part 3 | Travel

Athens - Lycabettus we did it-

On day 3, we decided to walk to Kolonaki for pancakes’ breakfast and then we spontaneously decided to “hike” our way to Mount Lycabettus. I’m not gonna say it was a piece of cake, especially since I’d stopped exercising for years months, but we did it anyway. The view from the top is simply magnificent. Even if it was windy and cold, it was worth it. So if you have some free time, and you’re up for some exercise, you can easily hike up there. Of course we’ve stopped many times along the way to take photos and enjoy the view, but it took us no more than 2 hours to go up and down the hill. After that we met some friends for an afternoon coffee, and had to try the “hot hot burgers” everyone was talking about. As you can see these photos are straight from my Instagram account, because I was too lazy to take pics with my camera. The night ended with drinks with a new friend (for me), and a bachelor party (for T. – not his of course). See you next time, with (probably) the final part of my Athens posts. Hope you like them. Leave your comments below!

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Gray sweater dress in Athens | Outfits

Gray sweater dress in Athens 4- outfit -

Doing a little break from my usual “travel posts” lately to show you an outfit of the day. This is the look I was wearing when we visited Plaka/Anafiotika, which I showed you on the previous post. I bought this sweater “dress” before leaving for Athens, but to be honest I didn’t notice the huge side slits, before it was too late. Oops. A little sexier than I’d normally go for, but I really liked it so I wore it out with tights and my coat on top of course, since it was cold. I’ll probably sew part of the slits to make it an actual dress in the future. I prefer wearing it with tights anyway. You’ve probably seen this dress on Instagram, if you follow me there (if not, go ahead. You’ll find me as @doyouspeakgossip). I hope you like this look. It was definitely my favorite one of the trip. I’ll have a few more photos and posts to share with you from there, so I hope you do like these kinds of posts, and I’ll be back to my normal schedule soon.

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Athens Part 2 | Travel

Athens Plaka Anafiotika Giasemi-

For our second day in Athens (if you haven’t seen our first day there, go check out my previous post here), I really wanted to visit Plaka and Anafiotika for a walk and some photos. We walked up and down many times and combed the whole area, and after that we went to an amazing place for breakfast (but more on that, later). We left the Acropolis Museum for day 2, because it was really busy our first day there, due to the National Holiday. Again, we walked through the museum, and took photos of the view from there, we sat for coffee at the café there, and left to go back “home”, grab a bite to eat, and go meet my lovely reader, who’s now a friend, Elena. The day ended with a passing by Fashion Room Service event, drinks at A for Athens hotel’s roof garden, and memorable desserts.

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Athens Part 1 | Travel

Athens vraxakia akropolis 2-

Hello my lovely readers, how are you? I’m back from my trip to Athens, and even though I returned home just yesterday, I couldn’t wait to share my experience with you. It wasn’t my first time in Athens, but it was the longest one I stayed, plus it’s been years since the last time. The reason behind this trip was actually a wedding of a friendly couple of ours, but we combined this happy event, with a few more days off to explore and enjoy the city. We had an amazing time, and when I say we, I mean T. and I, and we managed to fit everything and everyone in our days. Even though Athens has so many means of transportation, we only took them when it was absolutely necessary and we preferred walking (even long distances) to get to know the city in a better way. Even though they’re tiring, I absolutely love these trips.

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