CND Vinylux Nightspell collection

CND Vinylux Nightspell collectionA few weeks ago CND sent me their new fall collection called “Nightspell” to try it out. The full collection has 6 shades, but the gift box had 3 of them, plus a top coat. If you want to read my review about the CND nail polishes in general you should read this post. The ones I received are (from left to right): Viridian Veil, Berry Boudoir, and Lilac Eclipse. They are all really cute in their travel sized bottles and the colors are very pretty. My favorite among these is the Lilac Eclipse, which is a nice dusty lilac color, that can be worn all year long. It needs 2 coats to get it to look opaque. I also loved Berry Boudoir which is a nice berry/burgundy color, perfect for winter, which is the one I have on my nails right now. It’s very pretty, but needs 2-3 coats to look perfect. Last but not least, Veridian Veil, is the only metallic one and it’s a nice metallic blue/green color that looks amazing on the nails even with only one layer of nail polish. The top coat, is absolutely amazing, and it’s my favorite one lately, as it makes the color last longer & look shinier, and nails dry faster. Which is your favorite one?

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CND Vinylux Rhythm & Heat collection review

CND Vinylux Rhythm & Heat collection reviewI have reviewed this collection in one of my videos, but I realized, that I haven’t done it on my blog where I also write in English. So let’s review the new Rhythm & Heat collection of CND. I received these nail polishes some time ago, and I tried them on in the next couple of weeks. Starting from left to right, the coral one is #244 Mambo Beat, and it’s the best one among the 3. You only need one coat to have a nice non-sheer color, but you have the perfect coverage with 2 layers. #245, Sugarcane is the next best one. However, you definitely need 2 coats of this for a full coverage, and non-sheer result. Finally, with #249 Shells in the Sand you definitely need 3 coats of nail polish to have the desirable result but the color does look perfect in the end. CND’s Vinylux top coat is a classic you must own. It makes your manicure last longer, makes your nails shinier, and helps your nail polish dry faster. Have you tried any of these? What’s your opinion?

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