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One day in Volos - railway station friends - travel -

On Saturday the 26th of March, T. and I decided to take a one-day trip to Volos. I hadn’t been there in years, and we’ve never been there together, so it was the perfect chance to do it. We invited Kleoniki to come with us, and drove to Volos for a day of walking, photo-shooting, vlogging, and meeting with blogger friends. Because yes, we decided to vlog this short trip for Stylishly Beautiful’s Youtube channel. It was a spontaneous decision, and since we’ve both haven’t done it before, we hope you excuse the constant shaking of the camera. We did our best. I’ll make sure to leave the video below for you to see it, but first I want to show you the photos I took with my camera while we were there. You’ll find my look of the day, here! Hope you like this post! 😉

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