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Athens Diary Thessaloniki's Youtubers

Heyyy! I was finally able to go though the photos I took while I was in Athens, and I’m here to show you the diary from those days. I’ve already uploaded the vlog I filmed on my channel, but since it’s mostly in Greek, I wanted to make a post here as well. This is only part 1 though, because I had too many photos and I didn’t want the post to be cramped with them. We flew to Athens on Tuesday the 5th of September, with T., and arrived there late in the afternoon, but went straight to dinner with family/friends, so I don’t have photos from that day (you might want to watch the vlog though for some #foodporn). On the next day, my girls from Thessaloniki arrived too. You might already know them from their Youtube channels, on the photo above (left to right) we have Maria of Stylebows, Katerina of Kate Tzoe and Thalia of Miss Thalia. The reason we all went to Athens was because we were invited to attend the press event/launch party for Kat Von D Beauty, which is finally coming to Greece at the end of this month. The girls were too tired to do much, but here’s what we did… Read the captions under the photos for more….

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3 days in Alexandroupoli with lots of food | Vlog #3 (Greek)

Vlog #3 - Alexandroupoli

As promised, there’s a new vlog video on my channel, with my Alexandroupoli adventures. I may speak Greek but it’s only in a few parts of the video, so you can definitely watch it, even if you don’t understand the language, to get the feeling of what we did there. I hope you like it. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, and please like my video on Youtube and subscribe to my channel to support me and my work.

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Vlog #2 | Pancakes, Kleoniki & Hunkemoller opening | Video (Greek)

vlog #2 800px

On today’s vlog, I’m taking you with me for brunch, a walk through One Salonica mall, and to the opening of the new Hunkemoller store at Mediterranean Cosmos mall in Thessaloniki. Make sure to like my video and subscribe to my channel

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One day in Volos | Travel & vlog

One day in Volos - railway station friends - travel -

On Saturday the 26th of March, T. and I decided to take a one-day trip to Volos. I hadn’t been there in years, and we’ve never been there together, so it was the perfect chance to do it. We invited Kleoniki to come with us, and drove to Volos for a day of walking, photo-shooting, vlogging, and meeting with blogger friends. Because yes, we decided to vlog this short trip for Stylishly Beautiful’s Youtube channel. It was a spontaneous decision, and since we’ve both haven’t done it before, we hope you excuse the constant shaking of the camera. We did our best. I’ll make sure to leave the video below for you to see it, but first I want to show you the photos I took with my camera while we were there. You’ll find my look of the day, here! Hope you like this post! 😉

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