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On Saturday the 26th of March, T. and I decided to take a one-day trip to Volos. I hadn’t been there in years, and we’ve never been there together, so it was the perfect chance to do it. We invited Kleoniki to come with us, and drove to Volos for a day of walking, photo-shooting, vlogging, and meeting with blogger friends. Because yes, we decided to vlog this short trip for Stylishly Beautiful’s Youtube channel. It was a spontaneous decision, and since we’ve both haven’t done it before, we hope you excuse the constant shaking of the camera. We did our best. I’ll make sure to leave the video below for you to see it, but first I want to show you the photos I took with my camera while we were there. You’ll find my look of the day, here! Hope you like this post! 😉

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Valentine’s Date | Outfits

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and as you know I’m a sucker for theme dressing, and I really like wearing something red on Christmas and Valentine’s Day. So this year wouldn’t be any different. I actually wore the exact same look last year on Valentine’s Day, and I wore it again a few days ago to film a new lookbook video for Stylishly Beautiful’s Youtube channel. You can watch the video down below, and make sure to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already. You should also subscribe to mine as well, because I’ll be editing a new video for next week. Stay tuned for that. I usually prefer my Vday to be very low key. Dinner at home with T. with a nice movie afterwards, and a heart-shaped cake as dessert… You know how much I love my sugar-paste. I definitely long for that! Single or taken, you should celebrate love, every day! Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to do that. For me it’s just another occasion to dress fancy and eat a nice meal. And that’s all that it is! Love doesn’t need a special day to be celebrated, but we should have fun anyways, every chance we get 😉 Have a nice weekend my loves!

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2 days ago, our little secret finally got revealed. We’ve been working on a new project for a couple of months now, and we’ve been dying to tell you what it was. But we had set a certain date in mind, when we could finally do it, and that date was last Saturday the 2nd of August. So in case you missed the big news, here they come. A few of my closest blogging friends and I, launched a new fashion & beauty related site called Stylishly Beautiful. The idea came very naturally one day, and I’m glad that everyone accepted it with pleasure and we’re now proudly a team of 6*.

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