My month in pics | April 2015

My month in pics - April 2015 - DoYouSpeakGossip.comCan’t believe April is almost over. Where did all the time go? You all know I can’t wait for May, since it’s my favorite month/period, the month of my birthday. Back to this post though… Let’s take a look at all the outfit posts of the month, and all the Instagram snaps too. I sure ate a lot, and I’m not proud of it. I’ve already started being more careful with my dietary habits, even though I know that some days would be really difficult to hold back on greasy food (1st of May, I’m looking at you!). All in all it was a great month, and I have many memories from April of 2015. Here’s my recap. Check out the links below in case you missed any of the posts.

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April 2015 | Wishlist

April 2015 - wishlist - florals, pastels, ginghamHappy April 1st, aka April fool’s Day! This month’s wishlist is in total spring mode. Pastels, florals and prints, all in one wishlist! I usually don’t like florals on me, but in small dosages, and pretty colors they can really lift your spirits up. This spring I want to indulge in a pair of floral pointy pumps, like the ones above. And I know I already got a dress in that gingham print, but I’d really like to also have a midi skirt in it. Everything is so pretty, and I really can’t wait for more sunny days, and spring clothes. Click on the links (or the widget below) to be directed to these products.

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