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Flowers & leopard - outfit

I owed you this outfit post since last week, when I had computer problems, and couldn’t upload it then. So here it is! It’s the outfit I was wearing at the Todaylicious party, I’ve talked to you about. However, later on I changed into my flat sandals because there was a big crowd and no place to sit. Even I am not that crazy, to stay in the same spot for hours, wearing high heels! It felt like 40 degrees when we were taking these photos. It might have been one of the hottest days so far! However, we went to the party and had fun. And I really enjoyed my outfit! Even though I had to replace my heels with flats. Hope you like it too! I’ll be waiting for your comments!

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Stripes & florals | Outfits

Stripes & florals 5- outfit -

Stripes and florals is an unusual combination, but that’s how imagined wearing my long stripey vest for the first time. This is the 5th and last item of my order of last month, and I have endless combinations in mind for this one. It can be worn all year long, and I’m sure I’ll have no problem styling it again and again. These shoes on the other hand, are one of the pairs I failed to wear sooner this summer, so I imagined wearing them with this shirt. I know you’ve seen it recently, but summer will soon be gone, so I take every chance I get to wear my summer items more times. High-waisted midi skirts are perfect combined with cropped tops, so don’t be afraid to wear them together even if you don’t have abs. The key is to leave just a tiny bit of skin exposed in between these items. And it’s actually a trend I love since it really flatters my slim waist (abs can wait! 😛 ). Do you like this look?

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April 2015 | Wishlist

April 2015 - wishlist - florals, pastels, ginghamHappy April 1st, aka April fool’s Day! This month’s wishlist is in total spring mode. Pastels, florals and prints, all in one wishlist! I usually don’t like florals on me, but in small dosages, and pretty colors they can really lift your spirits up. This spring I want to indulge in a pair of floral pointy pumps, like the ones above. And I know I already got a dress in that gingham print, but I’d really like to also have a midi skirt in it. Everything is so pretty, and I really can’t wait for more sunny days, and spring clothes. Click on the links (or the widget below) to be directed to these products.

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Florals & neon | Outfits

Neutrals, neons, and florals for a really hot day downtown, which ended with – what else? – a thunderstorm. Seems like the whole month is going to be like this. I rarely wear florals, but I guess it’s nice in small doses, and only for my upper body. The same goes for neons. I love my neon yellow bag, but it gets too many stares when I take it out. Ah, who cares? I’m so tired of getting stares for being more dressed up than the 95% of my city’s residents. I’m not feeling like myself when I’m not in heels and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a bit of a color during warm months. Do you agree?

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