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As you can see, we took these photos way after sunset, and they’re a little bit dark and grainy, but we didn’t manage to photograph my look on time. We shot these on Sunday, when we went out with my family (and T. of course), to celebrate my nameday, which was yesterday. I rarely wear so dark colors in summer, let alone an almost completely black outfit, but I really wanted to wear my new top which I didn’t have the chance to wear before, and I thought that it would look best with these pants underneath. So here it is, an almost total black look, with some yellow accents. Nothing too special, but it was my look of the day, kind of casual, kind of not, but definitely comfortable for the night. How was your weekend?

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Yellow & black | Outfits

I love wearing short dresses with my over the knee boots, and that’s something I’m gonna miss when winter is officially over. However, we were lucky enough not to have a heavy winter in Greece this year, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wear those. That is a very long sweater though, not even a dress, and I’m actually wearing shorts underneath, as I do with everything too short I wear from time to time. I “stole” this sweater from my mother, since she wasn’t wearing it anymore, and I got this beautiful coat by another relative, and couldn’t wait to wear it, before winter is gone for good this year. The necklace is also vintage, so this is basically a vintage kind of outfit. I really like how it looked, and I hope you like it too. I’ll be transitioning to spring clothes over the course of the next few weeks. So stay tuned for those outfits!

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