Yellow & black | Outfits

I love wearing short dresses with my over the knee boots, and that’s something I’m gonna miss when winter is officially over. However, we were lucky enough not to have a heavy winter in Greece this year, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to wear those. That is a very long sweater though, not even a dress, and I’m actually wearing shorts underneath, as I do with everything too short I wear from time to time. I “stole” this sweater from my mother, since she wasn’t wearing it anymore, and I got this beautiful coat by another relative, and couldn’t wait to wear it, before winter is gone for good this year. The necklace is also vintage, so this is basically a vintage kind of outfit. I really like how it looked, and I hope you like it too. I’ll be transitioning to spring clothes over the course of the next few weeks. So stay tuned for those outfits!

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