My blogging tips | A recap

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably have already seen all my blogging tips posts, and you may remember that on the previous one I announced that it probably going to be the last one of this series of posts. But I wanted to do a recap to put all these posts together, in case someone who hasn’t already read them is interested in reading them now. I believe it’s a really good reading material for us bloggers, and it’s a series of posts that every blogger should read. And I’m not only talking about my posts, but also about the posts I’ve linked under each part. So what have we talked about so far?

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My blogging tips Part 2 – How to choose your blog’s design

On the previous post of this column we discussed what everybody should know when (and before) starting a blog. You can read it here, if you missed it. In this post we’ll discuss:

How to choose your blog’s design


 In this part we’ll talk about the dos and don’ts when choosing a blog design and everything around it. Of course some of them can be subjective, but there are some basic guidelines that most bloggers suggest or dislike.

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