My month in pics | January 2014

january 2014 outfits - DoYouSpeakGossip.comMy, my, this month passed so fast! But I can definitely say it was exciting, and I really wish the whole 2014 to be as exciting as this month was (if not more). Well, for starters, this month set a new record for my outfit posts: 12 out of the 14 posts of the whole month (you can see them all here)! My previous record was 9. I really hope to continue this way for the whole year! So apart from lots of outfits, this month was full of meetings with dear friends; it marked my blog’s 3rd anniversary (and the new totally custom-made design of the blog, which I love), saw the first snow of the season, and made my 1st appearance as a blogger on TV, on a local TV show. Pretty exciting, no? I’ll let you enjoy the photos of this post, which includes my insta-pics of the month, for those of you who don’t have an Instagram account (if you do, then you must click here and follow me now! What are you waiting for? 😛 ). Let me know which outfit is your favorite of the month. Mine are 5, 10 and 12 (horizontally).

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