My month in pics | July 2014

July 2014 outfits 2- DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis month, I decided to change the course of this column a little bit, because I was starting to get bored of it. So I did some minor changes to make me feel better about these monthly posts. But it’s still a work in progress and I’m trying to find new ideas for my “month in pics” posts, to make them more interesting. So, what happened this month? A few bloggers’ events that I was so happy to attend, a few meetings with my girls, a street style video I participated in, my anniversary, and my Nameday. It was a really full month. I won’t complain! It’s also been a month of work and organizing, since I’ve been working on something new that is coming really soon with some of my most favorite people from the blogosphere (hint hint! – Stay tuned for the news this Saturday!). So, tell me, what else would like to see on this monthly column? Should I keep it or not? Let me know if you have any ideas by leaving your comments below….

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My month in pics | May 2014

may 2014 outfits - DoYouSpeakGossip.comMay was again pretty much full, and I love this fact. I counted 10 outfit posts, 1 new pair of shoes, and 1 giveaway. This month I have 5 favourite outfits (links of all below) and many favorite moments, some of which you may have already seen on my social media channels. My favorite right now is Instagram, so if you have an account there, make sure to follow @DoYouSpeakGossip for more everyday updates (ok, ok, for some #foodporn as well). Here’s the recap of the month for my blog, and my Instagram, in case you want to do some catch up.

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My month in pics | January 2014

january 2014 outfits - DoYouSpeakGossip.comMy, my, this month passed so fast! But I can definitely say it was exciting, and I really wish the whole 2014 to be as exciting as this month was (if not more). Well, for starters, this month set a new record for my outfit posts: 12 out of the 14 posts of the whole month (you can see them all here)! My previous record was 9. I really hope to continue this way for the whole year! So apart from lots of outfits, this month was full of meetings with dear friends; it marked my blog’s 3rd anniversary (and the new totally custom-made design of the blog, which I love), saw the first snow of the season, and made my 1st appearance as a blogger on TV, on a local TV show. Pretty exciting, no? I’ll let you enjoy the photos of this post, which includes my insta-pics of the month, for those of you who don’t have an Instagram account (if you do, then you must click here and follow me now! What are you waiting for? 😛 ). Let me know which outfit is your favorite of the month. Mine are 5, 10 and 12 (horizontally).

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My month in pics – June 2013

Last day of June today, and I still haven’t had the chance to go to the beach for my first swim. But I’m sure that this will happen during July. June was a full month for me. I’m so proud of myself because I managed to do all things on my list (some of which I’ve been postponing for months). Well, my list still has something on it. Something I’ve been working hard on for the past month. But if things go as planned, you’ll find about it really soon. No spoilers for now! Let’s see my June in photos then. I showed you only 6 outfit posts this month, but for a good reason (click on the numbers to be directed to the posts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Which is your favorite? June also included: a guest post by Summer, a new wishlist, a post about my bf’s gift to me, my now beloved iPhone, the 3rd part of our blogging tips series on how to drive traffic to your blog,  my home office redecoration post (did you liked the shoes on display?), a manicure tutorial on how to outline your nails and finally a big giveaway for an Avon make up palette in collaboration with my friend Elena Avon Girl. Wow! That was indeed a full month! How was yours? Leaving you with photos of my Facebook page and new Instagram account, to see what you missed. 😉

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