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Chokers & culottes 7- Outfit -

We took these outfit photos a few days ago; you can see some of the process in this Vlogmas video. I really loved this outfit in real life, though I noticed that it didn’t look as good in the photos we took of it. But that’s okay. Hopefully you can get an idea from them. I love how my red sweater looks with my culottes and I’m definitely going to try this combo with more colored sweaters from my collection. It can be worn from day to night; from work to go out for drinks after it. The choker makes it more casual and interesting and the velvet boots more fashionable. What do you think?

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White off-the-shoulder top for winter | Outfits

White off-the-shoulder top for winter - long choker - outfit

If you’re subscribed to my channel, if not you can subscribe here, you might have partly seen this look before. I liked this look so much that I had to photograph it for the blog too. I was originally going to wear this top with my culottes, but then it reminded me of another outfit, so I decided to change it. I actually changed what I had in mind completely and came up with this quite simple look. This top has been in my closet for many years, but it probably hasn’t been worn since high school. I always found it impractical for winter, so I kept it at the top shelf and it never actually made it in my closet with all my winter stuff. But the other day, as I was getting ready for my new video, I thought about catching a glimpse of it earlier when I was taking my winter clothes out, and I felt like I had to wear it. And so I did. Never have I received that many compliments in one day! Everyone told me they loved how I looked in that video, but couldn’t actually figure out why they thought I looked better than usual…haha I think it’s the combo of this top, my new choker necklace, and my side parting of my hair. 😛 What do you think of this look?

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