Maybelline Masterblush color and highlighting kit | Review

Maybelline Masterblush color and highlighting kit 2

It’s been a long time since I received this palette from Maybelline, and the truth is that I’m a little behind on my reviews here on the blog. I do review them on my Youtube channel, but I really want to also write posts for them here. So I’ll try to post reviews more often from now on. When I received the MasterBlush Color & highlighting kit, I wasn’t sure I was gonna use it much, but I ended up using it non-stop in the months that followed and I really loved it. The palette includes 3 shades of blushes and one highlighter. The blushes start from the lightest and go to the darkest. We have a peach one, a light pink one and a magenta one. You can use them all individually or you can combine them to create a more intense look. I use them all-together most of the time and do the “draping” technique where you contour and highlight  your face using just blushes and a highlighter. The palette is also very practical and that’s why I also took it with me on my trip to The Netherlands. The blushes are quite pigmented, so you have to be careful about how much product you use. The highlighter is quite subtle and natural though, and that’s why I reach for it, even on days when I’m not using the blushes of the palette. 

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