March 2016 | Wishlist

March 2016 - wishlist -

With the weather outside being all spring-like, I can’t help but think all about my favorite season, and the pretty colors and scents that come with it. A few days ago, as I was researching an article for Stylishly Beautiful, about the Pantone colors of the year of 2016, I came across these 2 pastel blue beauties and my heart skipped a bit. I SO want a pair of pastel blue pumps to enter my wardrobe collection. I hope I’ll find the right pair soon. And that bag is so pretty too! As for the other items, these lace-up ballerina style, isn’t the first time that has been included in my wishlist, but I still haven’t found the one for me. The dress, and the sandals were just eye-candy I found online, and I wouldn’t exactly object to them entering my wardrobe either. Do you like my choices of the month?

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