Pastels on pastels | Outfits

Pastels on pastels 5- outfit -

Hello my loves! I’m back with a new outfit post, and as I’m writing these lines, I’m battling a cold. Easter break left me drained of energy, in no mood to do anything whatsoever. I can’t even tell how many weeks it’s been since we last took outfit photos (this one is again from last month). But I’ll soon have new material to show you, that’s for sure! Today’s post is a collaboration with Maria of Stylebows and Ioanna of The colourful Bouquet, to show you different ways to wear your colored pants. I’ll link their blog posts, down below, so make sure to check them out! My take on colored pants was undoubtedly pastels, and of course I had to pair my pastel pants with a pastel top. As you can see the weather didn’t allow me to wear anything lighter so I was limited to pastel shades to remind me of spring. Going for double pastels is a safe bet for me, since they complement each other. Just try not to overdo it with too many colors in one look. Sorry for the slightly dark photos guys, but it started raining as soon as I left the house, and by the time it ended the remaining light was very little. I hope you enjoyed this post! See you again on Wednesday!

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March 2016 | Wishlist

March 2016 - wishlist -

With the weather outside being all spring-like, I can’t help but think all about my favorite season, and the pretty colors and scents that come with it. A few days ago, as I was researching an article for Stylishly Beautiful, about the Pantone colors of the year of 2016, I came across these 2 pastel blue beauties and my heart skipped a bit. I SO want a pair of pastel blue pumps to enter my wardrobe collection. I hope I’ll find the right pair soon. And that bag is so pretty too! As for the other items, these lace-up ballerina style, isn’t the first time that has been included in my wishlist, but I still haven’t found the one for me. The dress, and the sandals were just eye-candy I found online, and I wouldn’t exactly object to them entering my wardrobe either. Do you like my choices of the month?

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