Easter break | Outfits

Easter break 8- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI know I’m a little late at showing what I wore on Easter Sunday, but I wanted to post my most wintery outfits first, before showing you newer ones. So this is the outfit of the day. I went super casual, as always on Easter, wearing just jeans, and a light sweater (it was super-hot that day, and I enjoyed the day to the fullest) and my new white converse sneakers. Since the weather was perfect I got inspired to try out a different hairstyle. Still pretty messy, but it looked great with the flower headband. I asked my cousin to take some photos just before we sat to eat, so these photos are taken in my garden, pets included (Moira wanted some attention too, so she helped me pose). All the green behind me and that sun is why I love spring so much! Happy spring dearies!

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