Easter break | Outfits

Easter break 8- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI know I’m a little late at showing what I wore on Easter Sunday, but I wanted to post my most wintery outfits first, before showing you newer ones. So this is the outfit of the day. I went super casual, as always on Easter, wearing just jeans, and a light sweater (it was super-hot that day, and I enjoyed the day to the fullest) and my new white converse sneakers. Since the weather was perfect I got inspired to try out a different hairstyle. Still pretty messy, but it looked great with the flower headband. I asked my cousin to take some photos just before we sat to eat, so these photos are taken in my garden, pets included (Moira wanted some attention too, so she helped me pose). All the green behind me and that sun is why I love spring so much! Happy spring dearies!

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New in | white Converse all-star sneakers

white Converse all starsI’ve wanted a pair of white Converse all-star sneakers for over a year now, but I couldn’t find them in my size, and I kept postponing it. So when I bought the other 2 pairs of shoes back in February, I not only found these in my size, but also on sale. And of course I had to have them. I haven’t worn my old all-star pair a lot, because they’re high tops and they’re not so comfortable for me, plus they run kind of big. Well, these ones turned out to also run big (I should start ordering the 37 on these) but nothing an insole can’t fix. So I got these in white this time, because I think they’d be perfect for spring & summer. I haven’t worn them yet, but honestly I can’t wait. I know they’re not something you haven’t seen before, on the contrary, but all shoes deserve their share under the spotlight. Happy Monday! 🙂

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Khaki & grey | Outfits

redhead fashion bloggerWe took these photos really quickly the other day, and even though it was sunny it was still super cold, especially when the wind was blowing. I decided to go sporty/casual for the day, because I wanted to wear my All stars and try something different with my pants, so I rolled them a bit. To avoid being too sporty, I added the mini bag, which made the outfit cuter. It doesn’t hold much, but it can hold all my essentials. I hope you have an amazing week ahead of you. I’m spending some days with my bf, far from all kinds of work, even though I had to work my a$$ off to manage to do this for a few days. Work hard, play hard though, right? 😉

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Rebel at heart | Outfits

Rebel at heart 10- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comWho would believe me if I had told him, that I, the eternal “germ-phobic”, would have gladly sit in the middle of the road to get these pictures? I bet no one who knows me would! T. couldn’t believe it either, and he was the one behind the camera. Would you, dear readers believe it, after having seen me in this outfit? Of course I’d never sit in the middle of the road wearing that outfit. I know, you must think that I’m crazy, because I didn’t do anything groundbreaking, but believe me, Mr. Monk in me would probably scream seeing me doing it. But I was so happy that day that I actually enjoyed it. Oh well, I have my moments too I guess. In “other news”, I wore this outfit last week to go to Thessaloniki’s International Fair and attend Sakis Rouvas’ concert after that. So the casual attire was much needed. 2 surprises from me in one day…I know, amazing! haha

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Preppy or sporty? | Outfits

Preppy or sporty 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLately, I can’t seem to find anything to wear until the very last minute, which is something frustrating but surprising and fun at the same time. It’s frustrating because I’m running like crazy, always stressed that I’m gonna be late, but surprising and fun, because usually, at the last minute I tend to create some of my favorite looks (and surprise, surprise, NOT to be late!). This is what happened in this case when I went to meet Maria of Style Bows and Anatoli of From An.ni with love last week. I’m really pleased with the result though. I ended up wearing it all day, and switched to my Betty London ankle boots for a relaxed night out. What do you think?

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