Casual days | Outfits

We shot these photos last Sunday, but I didn’t have the time to edit this outfit post sooner. So here it is now… A super casual outfit, for a super hot day in my city, Thessaloniki. A striped t-shirt, a floral pair of shorts, my lace up flats, and new black shoulder bag. If you want to know what we did that day, check out my latest vlog on my channel, although it is in Greek. Let me know what you think about this look, by leaving a comment below.

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Floral shorts | Outfits

You may think that we took these photos during a hot summer day, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It was actually quite chilly when we took these photos, since the weather lately has been super cold for the typical Greek summer. It was under 20 degrees at some point, and I was a bit cold since it was also very cloudy, and it was expected to rain very soon. However, this is one of my favorite outfits lately. I wear it from day to night, by switching between my trusty and comfortable flats, and my high heeled platform sandals. I love this combo more, as you can imagine, so I decided to photograph this one. I feel more like myself, in heels, and it’s been driving me crazy, that I’ve been living almost completely in flats these days, because of the never-ending house move. We’ll hopefully and officially move into the new house today, so wish us luck. We’ll definitely need it! Hope you like today’s look. Stay tuned for more!

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