Casual days | Outfits

We shot these photos last Sunday, but I didn’t have the time to edit this outfit post sooner. So here it is now… A super casual outfit, for a super hot day in my city, Thessaloniki. A striped t-shirt, a floral pair of shorts, my lace up flats, and new black shoulder bag. If you want to know what we did that day, check out my latest vlog on my channel, although it is in Greek. Let me know what you think about this look, by leaving a comment below.

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Golden hour | Outfits

Golden hour 4- outfit -

I wore this outfit last week to Kleoniki’s birthday. It was super-hot outside so I needed a comfortable outfit and shoes. Lately I’ve been doing high ponytails to keep my hair away from my neck and shoulders and I like how it looks with my long hair. We took these photos during the golden hour but the sun was still too hot and bright. Typical summer in Greece, and something tells be that I’ll be spending all my summer in the city. What are your plans for the holidays? Do you have any? I hope you like this look. See how I wore this dress for the first time, here.

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Casual B&W in the city | Outfits

Casual B&W in the city 4- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLast week, the girls and I went to the opening of a fashion atelier here in Thessaloniki and since I wasn’t in the mood to be more dressed up, I decided to wear my striped sleeveless dress, my trusty satchel and a pair of flats. You rarely get to see me in flats because as I told you many times before this, I find them uncomfortable to walk in (I walk like a duck in them) and they give me the most terrible blisters of all my shoes. I risked it for this occasion, but after 2 hours, I was screaming for a pair of sandals or even better a pair of flip flops.

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