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I have a new outfit post for you today, and I can’t wait to share it with you. If you follow me on Youtube, you’ve probably seen a preview of it, on my latest haul video, where I first experimented with this look. Seeing the result, I thought I MUST show it on the blog too, with the proper photos. So here it is. Some of my latest purchases together… The Cropped top & textured floral skirt from H&M, and my Migato lace up sandals. Paired with another floral item of my wardrobe, this mint floral envelope. I really hope you like the result! Let me know by leaving a comment below! 🙂

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White, mint & floral | outfits

White, mint & floral 5- outfit -

I had this outfit in my mind for a long time, but I wasn’t able to wear it and photograph it back then. This time I did, and I’m quite happy about this look! I was actually going to wear this exact outfit (minus the bag which was a bday gift, and the sunglasses which were a recent addition) to my birthday party. But I was too stressed to remember the top I had in mind, so I went with another outfit. I did wear the shoes though, which were also a nice birthday surprise from my friend Denise. They are mid-heeled, and this makes them look a bit retro. I quite liked this look; I felt like dancing in it. Very elegant and feminine; exactly how I like most of my outfits to be. What do you think?

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