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Girl Crew 4- outfit -

I was supposed to post a wishlist today, but I decided to cut the column completely, at least for the time being. So instead, here is one of the outfits we shot recently. I really loved my new top I got from H&M recently. It cost less than 8euros and it looks great! I just need to get a few more bottoms for these kinds of shirts, and I’ll be alright. I wore this look, minus the pumps, to go downtown recently so I re-wore it the other day. I have so many shoes that they don’t get all the love they deserve due to the fact that I don’t go out as often as I would like to. But I’m always trying to wear all my pairs at least once per season, and these ones are very special. They’re like Barbie shoes and smell like bubblegum. So I thought they’d be the perfect pair to finish off my look that day! Baby pink and baby blue look amazing together. Don’t you think?

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