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Girl Crew 4- outfit -

I was supposed to post a wishlist today, but I decided to cut the column completely, at least for the time being. So instead, here is one of the outfits we shot recently. I really loved my new top I got from H&M recently. It cost less than 8euros and it looks great! I just need to get a few more bottoms for these kinds of shirts, and I’ll be alright. I wore this look, minus the pumps, to go downtown recently so I re-wore it the other day. I have so many shoes that they don’t get all the love they deserve due to the fact that I don’t go out as often as I would like to. But I’m always trying to wear all my pairs at least once per season, and these ones are very special. They’re like Barbie shoes and smell like bubblegum. So I thought they’d be the perfect pair to finish off my look that day! Baby pink and baby blue look amazing together. Don’t you think?

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Blue & baby pink | Outfits

Blue & baby pink 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis is the last outfit I photographed before my short vacation to Ioannina. The outfit is really simple, tee & jeans type of post again, just paired with my Melissa heels, my blue bag again and a statement necklace to match the heels. I’ve actually worn the same outfit without the accessories, when we filmed our latest video for the Stylishly Beautiful Youtube channel, which you can find at the end of the post. We created 4 smoothies, for all tastes, which are perfect for summer. I hope you enjoy both the outfit, and the smoothies, and see you again on Monday, with a new post, from my trip to Ioannina.

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My kind of casual | Outfits

My kind of casual - outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comIf you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may have already seen a video Anatoli made, in which I’ve also participated, showing what I was wearing that day. If not, click here to see it now, and of course follow me on Facebook, to keep yourself updated. For those of you who haven’t seen it, or want to see the details more clearly, we took some outfit photos as well. For that day, I picked out a really casual outfit (because it was super-hot, yet super windy), but to make the outfit feel more like “me”, I chose to pair it with my Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragon pumps. Super simple, but in summer, I kind of live in those boyfriend shorts. Do you like the look?

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Fall layering | Outfits

This is one of my favorite outfits that I’ve worn lately. It was worn (and photographed) a day that the weather was just perfect. Not cold, but only warm enough to enable me to wear light layers and peep toe shoes. When I saw the weather (after some really cold days we had) I said to T. that we HAD TO drop everything and go out to take some photos and enjoy the last rays of sunshine. And that’s exactly what he did, even though he was super busy. Thank you babe! However, I think the pictures don’t do this outfit justice, because, you have to believe me, it was way better in real life. It was one of these outfits that was created instantly in my mind just before we went out for these photos. Don’t you just love those?

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Maxi dress & Fashion Bloggers’ meeting | Outfits

Last week, we had a 2nd meeting with some of my fellow fashion/beauty bloggers of Thessaloniki. After enjoying some coffee/drinks and chitchatting at a cute café downtown, we headed to a small alley near the white tower, where we took outfit photos! Mine were taken by the sweet Kleoniki of Notebook of Claire, whom I want to thank for her patience. I decided to go with my maxi purple dress and my new candy shoes, as I was planning to go for drinks with some friends later. Next time I’ll try to dress more casual, to match the girls! hehe In the last 2 photos, apart from Kleoniki, you can see Anatoli from with love, and Kate of The Orange Pig!. Thank you girls for this amazing evening…We should definitely do it again!

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