Dressed down full skirt | Outfits

Dressed down full skirt 2- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis is the outfit I wore last Saturday, for the launching of our new fashion & beauty related online magazine, Stylishly Beautiful. I wanted to wear a kind of formal outfit for the occasion, but not to overdo it, so I decided to dress down my H&M full skirt, by combining it with a graphic tee. I actually had this combo in my mind, for a long time, for occasions that I had no clue what to wear. So it kind of saved me. It’s a really simple look, so I added the bright blue pumps and the bag to give some color and make it more special. What do you think?

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Bad girl 55 | Outfits

Bad girl 55 - outfit 9- DoYouSpeakGossip.comThis was one of those “spur-of-the-moment” outfits that I wore a couple of weeks ago to meet with the girls. I was originally going to wear my white high heeled pumps with this outfit, that were going to make this look far more “bad-ass” compared to how it looks now, but killer heels aren’t meant for lots of walking, and I wasn’t in the mood to walk on high heels that day. It doesn’t happen often, but I do prefer lower heels or plain flats from time to time, and even though the look would have been so much better with heels, I “sacrificed” it for the sake of comfort. I did however love this look, with or without heels, and it was nice to find this bad-girl tee from my teenage years, in my closet. It is a bit short, but it looks great with high waisted bottoms. What do you think about this look?

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January 2014 | Wishlist

Happy New Year dear readers!  I hope you had a fantastic time yesterday (I’m still recovering from the night I had, hehe). May 2014 bring you all you desire! I may have delayed my post by a few hours, but I couldn’t find the energy to do it earlier. This is the first wishlist of 2014. I’m trying to find some nice pairs of skinny jeans to buy, and these ones from Zara, managed to get my attention. The tartan shirt is also something I really liked, even though I’ve already bought something in a similar pattern (which you’ll see soon). I fell in love with these Zara TRF heels, which reminded me of these by Alexander Wang, for a fraction of their price (and to be honest I liked the Zara version more!). I’m also looking for a graphic tee like this, for some more casual outfits, and I’m really in love with powder pink coats this season and this one by River Island seems perfect.

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