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Full skirts & bubbles 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

I’m back from Athens, and back to work already! This is the last look we photographed, before my trip and before, dying my hair again. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen the change. If not, what are you waiting for? This one was the 4th look from the lookbook I showed you last week, and my favorite of all. I love this pink midi skirt, and I loved the combination with the black crop top and the similar colored block heels. Overall, the result was something I’d happily wear to an event, such as a wedding or even for a night out for drinks. The bubbles added some playfulness to the look of the day, and I love how the camera captures them, even though the lighting wasn’t ideal in all photos. I really hope you like this look. Let me know, by leaving a comment below!

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Total white | Outfits

Total white v2 5- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

I hadn’t posted a total white look, since this outfit post, back in 2014, when I still had super long hair. Since I was in the mood for girly and feminine outfits lately, as you may have noticed from the previous post, I decided to wear this one the other day! White might look better on tanned skin, but I love my pale white skin, and I’m not planning on tanning any time soon. No better time than now then, to wear a total white look in the middle of the summer. I love all-white outfits, and unfortunately I don’t own many white pieces; something I’d very much like to change in the future. This top is new, and it’s from a brand called Moony Mood. The pumps you already know that they’re favorites of mine, and I never miss a chance to wear them, even in such hot temperatures when it’s too hot to wear closed toe pumps. So white it is; from head to toe, literally! 😛 Do you like my look?

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Black & white polka dots | Outfits

Black & white polka dots 7- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

We shot these photos a couple of days ago, and I really loved my look of the day. I love girly looks with flowy skirts and high heels, you already know that. I wanted to keep the whole outfit in black and white, and I added a pop of color with my vintage red sunglasses. It’s been getting hotter and hotter lately, which makes it super difficult to shoot proper outfit photos, or have enough outfits to cover the week for that matter. So excuse me if I don’t posts 2 outfits every week. Also, my boyfriend, aka photographer has been having trouble with his shoulder for the past couple of months, and he’s not yet completely healed, so that makes it even more difficult to shoot for outfits often. But I’ll make it up to you, with more looks and videos too. Stay tuned!

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I don’t do casual | Outfits

I don't do casual travel coffee cup H&M home

I really don’t! haha And that refers to the title of this post! It’s true, if you’re an old reader you know that I rarely wear casual attire, and I much prefer wearing more feminine and usually formal outfits. That’s just my style. But lately I’ve been too bored and uninspired by the weather, that I hadn’t worn anything more formal for a long time. It was time to stop this of course, and what better way than to wear a full midi skirt and a knotted sleeveless shirt? My afternoon coffee came with me to the shoot, in my new travel cup, which I bought some time ago from H&M Home. It’s pink and has glitter on it, so of course I had to buy it! I didn’t even think of it twice. Thought hard about which shoes to wear with this outfit, but decided against blue ones, and chose those fuchsia ones instead. Can’t get enough of them, and who can blame me, really? Hope you like this outfit! I’ll be waiting for your comments under this post!

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Crop top & full skirt | Outfits

Crop top & full skirt 7- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI had this outfit in my mind since last summer, but the cold weather caught up with me, and I couldn’t wear it back then. But this time, I was eager to try it on, and I really liked the result. I don’t usually wear crop tops any more, unless it is with a high waisted skirt like this one, and I think that this was the perfect match. We started this shoot with the warm sun rays on my face, but in the meantime it hide behind the clouds. Well, at least it didn’t rain. What do you think about this look?

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