A day in Chalkidiki | beach outfit

A day in Chlalkidiki 2- beach outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comLast week we had a one-day trip to Chalkidiki for both business & pleasure. It was actually the first time we visited Chalkidiki this year, and I couldn’t hide my excitement about it. We went to 3 towns that day: Potidaia, Skioni and finally Pefkohori where we relaxed by the sea. We took the first set of photos at a beach in Skioni, and the 2nd at the Agistri beach bar in Pefkohori. I actually wanted to check out this beach bar, after I saw the photos and video of Anatoli there recently, and I couldn’t help but also take some photos there. I usually don’t wear anything special to go the beach, just an airy & comfortable dress or some shorts, because I don’t like getting sand and salt on my other clothes. So you’ll always find me wearing something totally simple, with absolutely no makeup on. I naturally have quite light skin (and this was only my 5th time at the beach this summer), however I look extremely white in these photos due to the lighting. It was a really full but pleasant day, spent in the company of my boyfriend and good friends. Even though summer is almost over, I hope to squeeze in a few more beach days, and maybe one more one-day trip to Chalkidiki as well. How about you? Where did you go on vacation this summer? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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