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Here we are again in the heart of fall, in the same place I always go to around this time of the year, to enjoy the season of the fallen leaves. Don’t believe me? Here are some older posts to refresh your memory: 2012 version, 2013 version, 2014 version, and now 2015 version. hehe I have more posts photographed there, but these are my favorite ones. This time, my hair totally blend in with the environment, but I promise you that my hair looks more ginger/blonde than orange in real life these days (I hate when they call my hair color orange, by the way! It looks nothing like it! It’s copper red, people!). Anyway, as you would expect me to do in this place, I dressed up casually, since we spent the day at home, watching TV shows, one of my favorite activities! Hope you like the look!

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