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Parka stories 2- outfit -

It seems that I succumbed to the whole khaki parka frenzy that’s been happening this year, and I don’t have any regrets, because from the day I got this faux fur khaki parka, I’ve been wearing it non-stop. I was worried that maybe I wouldn’t be able to color match it to the items in my closet, but I didn’t have any problems so far. It’s comfortable, cozy, and stylish enough for my casual everyday looks. And I don’t have to wear my black coat all the time now. My only problem with it is that I got it full price, 2 days before the sales started. I’m THAT unlucky! Not that it was too pricey anyway, but I would definitely prefer it if I was getting it on sale. This time I color matched it perfectly with my khaki jeans, making me look like a soldier. lol It was comfortable enough for a day downtown. Hope you like it!

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Mint & khaki | Outfits

Mint & khaki 2- outfit -

You’ve seen me pairing mint green with khaki before, but this time I wore it with beige instead of gray. I’m slowly adding brighter colors to my outfits, as a way to transition from winter to spring. It might be quite sunny lately, and warmer than before, but it’s still not warm enough for lighter clothes. But spring is on its way, and till then I’ll be wearing my mint green coat to keep me warm, and prepare me for lighter layers. I seriously can’t wait. You know spring is my favorite season of all! This look was worn for an upcoming lookbook on Stylishly Beautiful’s Youtube channel. Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned to watch it tomorrow

UPDATE: You can now find the lookbook in the end of this post!

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Olive green & powder pink | Outfits

Olive green & powder pink 7- outfit -

A few days ago, I saw this color combo online, and I was instantly inspired to create my version of it. I would probably have never thought of these 2 colors together, if I hadn’t seen how well they look together, but I loved how well olive green goes with pastel pink. I can’t wait for spring to officially come, so I can start wearing my pastels again and leave my coat at home. This sleeveless trench coat is going to accompany many of my spring looks, I’m sure. Wish I had a camel & a black version of it too. They are key-pieces that can totally make a look stand out. What do you think, loves?

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Grays & greens | Outfits

Grays & greens 6- outfit -

On Sunday I had the pleasure of being backstage of a photoshoot for the poster of an upcoming fashion project in my city. So I woke up really early, to get ready and take some photos of my outfit before we went there. I didn’t know what I was going to wear until the very last minute, but I must say that I quite liked the result. I paired my khaki jeans, with a long mint shirt, and a gray crop top, and gray ballerina flats. My grandma found my fashion choice weird, but I like contrasts in lengths and colors…what do you think? P.S. The day looks (and it was sunny), but it was co-co-cold. I should have gone with boots instead.

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Heaven is a place on earth | Outfits

Heaven is a place on earth 7- outfit -

Here we are again in the heart of fall, in the same place I always go to around this time of the year, to enjoy the season of the fallen leaves. Don’t believe me? Here are some older posts to refresh your memory: 2012 version, 2013 version, 2014 version, and now 2015 version. hehe I have more posts photographed there, but these are my favorite ones. This time, my hair totally blend in with the environment, but I promise you that my hair looks more ginger/blonde than orange in real life these days (I hate when they call my hair color orange, by the way! It looks nothing like it! It’s copper red, people!). Anyway, as you would expect me to do in this place, I dressed up casually, since we spent the day at home, watching TV shows, one of my favorite activities! Hope you like the look!

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