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Brown & stripes 7- outfit -

This outfit is as fresh as it gets! We took these photos yesterday afternoon, before we went out for dinner with T. and Kleoniki. We were invited by TGI Friday’s Greece, to taste some of the dishes that are going to be in their new menu, and of course we said yes, since it’s one of our favorite restaurants. We tried so many things, that we could barely move afterwards. But more on that, on my next post! Lately, we had a drop in temperature, courtesy of the rainy weather, so I had to wear a jacket. I was this close, to changing my whole outfit, but I decided against it, and I’m glad I didn’t. The outfit actually looked much better in real life, than in these photos, but we didn’t have much time to search for a better location. I guess it’s this time of the year when you start adding layers to your looks. Jackets are a great way to transition into fall, while still wearing your summer dresses. I hope you like this look!

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Sail away with Ifos | Outfits

Sail away with Ifos 9- outfit -

Let me start by telling you that we photographed this outfit a couple of weeks ago, but I had to postpone it, due to other obligations, and that I’m writing this post on Saturday morning, to keep a distance from Sunday’s (upcoming) developments. So no matter what happens on Sunday, I still have many posts photographed for you that are waiting for their turn. I wore this outfit to go out for a walk next to the sea & have a coffee with my boyfriend. My new Ifos dress was the inspiration of the whole outfit. The dress is of a very good quality and very comfy and has a really beautiful back that makes it a bit boho, which is one of the biggest trends of the year. That day started with thunderstorms, and I was sure that we’ll have to cancel our little photoshoot (again!), but we waited it out and the sun came shining behind the clouds. The winds were strong on the seaside, but that didn’t stop us. Despite the earlier thunderstorm I brought my hat with me just in case, and it turned out to be a wise move, because I got sunburned from the sun that day. At least my face was protected. And my boy also thanked me for bringing it, since he got to wear it too to avoid the sun. Isn’t this dress fabulous? I’ll link it below… Do you like my first look with it?

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