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B&W lace-up 6 - Outfits - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

This dress is one of my latest acquisitions and it’s the 1st one of my collaboration with SheIn. If you follow blogs and Youtube channels, I’m sure you are already familiar with this e-shop, so it doesn’t need any introductions. It’s super simple, yet quite revealing for me, so I’ll be mostly wearing it to the beach. For its first outing though, I wanted to wear something edgier. I kept the whole outfit in black & white hues, and decided to pair it with my Migato lace up sandals. This time though I tied them all up to the knees, both to make the look edgier and more Grecian. Finished up with a panama hat, and very discreet accessories. Do you like the result?

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Off-the-shoulder top & jeans | Outfits

Off-the-shoulder top & jeans 9- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

If you follow me on social media (if not, what are you waiting for? 😛 ) you must have seen, that I cut my hair short…well much shorter than it was. So these are the last photos you’ll be seeing me in with long hair, and to be honest I feel great! It was something I’ve been meaning to do for so long, because my hair doesn’t grow fast and I was scared to make this decision, but I’m very happy with my choice. In fact they’re a bit longer that I wanted them to be, but oh well, baby steps. I’ve also been meaning to post a haul video, and I was trying to have it uploaded today, but it took longer than I thought to edit, so it will have to wait a couple more days. 🙂 But, you get to see first, two of my most recent purchases: this off-the shoulder top which was love at first sight, and these jeans which are absolutely amazing. It’s been my uniform lately, and I just can’t get enough of them. Do you love it as much as I do? Stay tuned for new outfit posts, with my new hair, really soon!

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Sail away with Ifos | Outfits

Sail away with Ifos 9- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.com

Let me start by telling you that we photographed this outfit a couple of weeks ago, but I had to postpone it, due to other obligations, and that I’m writing this post on Saturday morning, to keep a distance from Sunday’s (upcoming) developments. So no matter what happens on Sunday, I still have many posts photographed for you that are waiting for their turn. I wore this outfit to go out for a walk next to the sea & have a coffee with my boyfriend. My new Ifos dress was the inspiration of the whole outfit. The dress is of a very good quality and very comfy and has a really beautiful back that makes it a bit boho, which is one of the biggest trends of the year. That day started with thunderstorms, and I was sure that we’ll have to cancel our little photoshoot (again!), but we waited it out and the sun came shining behind the clouds. The winds were strong on the seaside, but that didn’t stop us. Despite the earlier thunderstorm I brought my hat with me just in case, and it turned out to be a wise move, because I got sunburned from the sun that day. At least my face was protected. And my boy also thanked me for bringing it, since he got to wear it too to avoid the sun. Isn’t this dress fabulous? I’ll link it below… Do you like my first look with it?

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Panama hats & cupcakes | Outfits

Panama hats & cupcakes 6- outfit - DoYouSpeakGossip.comI haven’t worn this Panama hat in a post for years. I actually wore this one in one of my first outfit posts, back when I first bought it in 2011. It’s definitely one of the stars of today’s outfit, but let’s talk a bit about the 2nd star of this look, which is this cute little white backpack. You haven’t seen me wearing a backpack, because I have the fear of getting robbed in the streets so I want to have my bags at the reach of my hand, and I never bought one, even though I like them. This cutie though has been in my closet since elementary school. Yes, you read it right. Elementary school! I don’t throw/give away anything, do I? No I don’t, because I always think I may want them again in the future, and I’m usually right. The same happened with this backpack. I had it in my mind, since last year, but that morning, I reached in my closet for it, and there it was, looking like (almost) new! Told you I’d be back with many casual outfits this month. It’s usually the only period that I wear my flat shoes so much! You haven’t seen the last of them…

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You can leave your hat on

DSC00599A few days ago while I was having a walk at the mall, I saw the perfect hat in a shop window. I rarely wear hats, but this year I decided to start wearing them more often. I was lucky because it was the only one left, and it suited me perfectly, so I bought it. The next day, I decided to build my outfit around it, and I really liked the result of it.

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