Color(block) me gray | Outfits

For my outfit of the day, I drew inspiration off my new amazing Teacup by Fifi Lapin iPhone case that was sent to me by Iconemesis. I can get a little crazy sometimes about color coordinating my outfits (thankfully, I don’t always do that!), so I wanted to wear a gray outfit with a few colorful notes, preferably in pink; I even painted my nails in these colors. It was a really eventful day, and we almost cancelled our plans for this photoshoot, but since I wasn’t going to let the day pass, I had to improvise and make it happen. I made it to the “photoshoot location” before the sun went down, and I’m really happy about it, because I really wanted to show you this outfit. Later that day, I met with some of my fashion blogger friends and went for hot chocolate downtown. I’m sure you’ll see them again on my blog really soon. So what are your thoughts about my outfit and my new iPhone case? Isn’t it cute?

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