My month in pics | June 2016

My month in pics - June 2016

Due to some computer problems, I couldn’t upload anything on Monday, but hopefully those problems are fixed, and I’m back for good. Even though a bit later than my usual time, I couldn’t stay away from my blog for too long, so here I am, with the recap of the month. Unfortunately I only had 5 outfit posts to show you, but hopefully they were good ones. I also wanted to include my monthly favorites through a video in this post, but the problems mentioned above held me from doing so. So I’m going to upload the video at a later time, and make sure to include it at the end of this post. If you don’t want to miss it, make sure to subscribe to my channel! June was a month with lots of personal changes for me, with the biggest one, being my new haircut, which I’m totally in love with! So did you miss me? Show me your love by leaving a comment below!

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June 2016 | Wishlist

June 2016 Wishlist

There aren’t too many things that caught my eye this month; at least not enough for me to make me want to put them in my “to buy” list. But these 5 made the cut. I still want to buy one of these off shoulder ruffle dresses (I think I’ve seen one in Zara), a pair of white skinny jeans with ripped knees (because I’ve yet to find a good pair of white jeans), a nice hat for the beach (because I only have a black one this big), yet another playsuit in a colorful shade, like the one in this collage, and of course another pair of shoes, like these famous caged sandals. Aren’t they all adorable?

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