Last, summery look | Outfits

This outfit is a bit old, as it is the one I postponed in order to show you the events we attended last weekend first. It’s in fact the last summery outfit I might have worn, as the weather has changed a lot since then. At least I got to enjoy these new dresses I got lately before autumn hit us. I wore this outfit to meet up with 2 of my blogger friends from Thessaloniki. Do you want to know what happens when fashion bloggers meet? Well, of course we photograph each other’s outfits first, and then we enjoy our afternoon together with drinks. These photos were taken by 2 different cameras (and that’s why you’ll see differences in colors) by my girls Maria from Style Bows, and Anatoli from the blog From with love. Check out their blogs to see their outfits of that day.

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Casual attire for a morning coffee date | Outfit

I wore this outfit the day we went for coffee with Maria from Style Bows, but didn’t have the chance to photograph it, so I decided to wear it last week to go for a morning coffee date with T. I was going to wear it with these matching pumps this time, but I somehow managed to sprain my ankle 2 weeks ago, and I couldn’t “climb” on my heels. And to be honest I had to stop wearing heels from the first day this happened. But at first I thought that it would pass, but then the doctor told me it was a sprain. So no heels for me, for a while, until my ankle heals…. I hope I don’t pressure it with the amount of walking I’ll be doing in London (I’m returning today by the way, so this is a scheduled post).

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Candy colors and city lights | Outfit post

About a week ago my best friend invited us to his house in Ano Poli (Upper/Old Town) to celebrate his birthday together, with a barbecue. Unfortunately it was also a going away party, since he left to study abroad. The weather wasn’t our friend that day, since it was raining almost non-stop and we had the barbecue at his upper balcony. Thankfully his parents have built a kiosk so we were able to sit on the balcony, and avoid the rain. The added curtains held the wind away, and kept us warm enough. Despite the cold and the rain, I refused to wear a dark colored outfit, and went with my first choice. A candy colored outfit, which was pretty feminine but also very comfortable for the day.

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Pre-wedding preparations and bachelorette party

The second day after our arrival to Chios island we were invited to attend the pre-wedding preparations, which was a gathering at the house of the bride & groom to be, in order to make the matrimonial bed, and follow the common traditions. Per tradition, all unmarried ladies gather around to make the bed. The groom or the bride (depending on the local traditions) messes the bed 3 times, until he/she’s finally satisfied with the result. After that, they usually put a baby girl or baby boy on the bed (to bring fertility to the future spouses). Then, all guests throw rice/sugar-coated almonds (koufeta)/rose petals and money on the bed to wish prosperity for the couple. There’s usually a food buffet, and a traditional drink included.

This is what I chose to wear that day!

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Black & white bows

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I’ve been really busy these days, both on the blog, since I did 3 posts in a row, and in my personal life. As I told you on my previous posts, and on my Facebook page, I went to Chalkidiki last Saturday and had my fist swim in the sea for this summer. The sea is still really cold in my opinion, even though the temperatures are already really high. Anyway, Last Friday was my best friend’s graduation in a nearby city called Kavala, so I travelled there to celebrate with him. You may remember Kavala from this post. T. met us there from Xanthi, and we had a really nice day all together. For the occasion, I chose to wear a casual chic outfit that I thought I’d be comfortable in, because we had to travel by car to get there.

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