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I don't do casual travel coffee cup H&M home

I really don’t! haha And that refers to the title of this post! It’s true, if you’re an old reader you know that I rarely wear casual attire, and I much prefer wearing more feminine and usually formal outfits. That’s just my style. But lately I’ve been too bored and uninspired by the weather, that I hadn’t worn anything more formal for a long time. It was time to stop this of course, and what better way than to wear a full midi skirt and a knotted sleeveless shirt? My afternoon coffee came with me to the shoot, in my new travel cup, which I bought some time ago from H&M Home. It’s pink and has glitter on it, so of course I had to buy it! I didn’t even think of it twice. Thought hard about which shoes to wear with this outfit, but decided against blue ones, and chose those fuchsia ones instead. Can’t get enough of them, and who can blame me, really? Hope you like this outfit! I’ll be waiting for your comments under this post!

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