Red & blue in the rain | Outfits

Red & blue in the rain 6- outfit -

As you can tell by the title, we took these photos while it was raining. You can’t really tell by them, but it was really gray, foggy and rainy that day, but it was our only chance to photograph this outfit on time, in order for me to show it to you today. And so we did! My big umbrella kept me dry (although we did take some photos without it), and the coffee in my hands kept me warm. The inspiration behind this outfit was this beautiful new silver Larimar bracelet, which I was sent by the kind people of the brand, and I’m sure I’ll wear a lot during spring/summer, but I just couldn’t wait till then. It’s very well-made, pretty and minimal, and its stone and shape of it is really eye-catching. I wore it with my baby blue sweater paired with my plaid shirt and red bag, to make a nice contrast. My black booties weren’t in the initial plan, but the rain stopped me from wearing a pair of pumps, and to be honest I was really pleased by the final look. What do you think?

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